Sarah Cifelli- Sports

SPORTS3This is my favorite of the sports photos. I like that it is vertical and shows both the shadow and him. It is mid-action which is apparent by the suspension. I think that the rock climbing was an interesting take on Sports and is a fun and easy sport to take photos of. It is easy to make them blur-free because with the obvious use of a fast shutter speed, it is not hard to focus and capture the movement since it usually is not very fast. I took a lot of great photos on this trip rockclimbing in Jasper, AK with the Wilderness Adventure Club at SLU and was lucky enough for a mixture of shade and great sunlight and clear skies.


Sarah Cifelli- Person at Work

brid bottom shoe
f the three submitted photos for this assignment I find this to be the best one. It took me a while to get to this pose idea and it is my favorite photo from the edit. I like that you can see a bit of her eyes, giving her a more recognizable face, but excluded the rest of it with the book. The bottom of the shoes being aligned in front is my favorite feature. I love the angle, focus, and distance. I also like the digital editing, with adjusted light exposures and a faded vibrance. I think this photo rules and that Brid should make it her profile picture.

General News- Sarah Cifelli


This was the best photo because it shows the event from a behind the scenes perspective. I like the edge of the guitar player and how the rest of his body is cut off. I think the guitar neck is a good diagonal line throughout an otherwise plain looking set of angles and shapes. I also think the nuns give away the religious affiliation, as well as the altar if you look closely. I think this could have been better if I was physically able to be further back, as well as up high, but both were difficult considering the darkness of the room which required a low shutter speed.

Sarah Cifelli- Portrait


For this project I took photos of my father Tom Cifelli when I was home for fall break in Cleveland, Ohio. We spent the day in Little Italy on October 19, 2014, and I convinced him to pose for me. He chose to stand in front of this wall because he liked “decrepitude.” This is my favorite photo because he is not the type of person to pose and look into a camera, he feels and looks uncomfortable so those are never the photos I like of him. However in this photo, he is still smirking but looking off into the distance. I get my sense of humor very much from him and like that both his dislike for being too much the center of attention but enjoying himself and laughing are represented here. Plus his profile looks very cool in my opinion. I wish that there was more room surrounding him, specifically at his feet, which I hadn’t realized I did this until late afterwards.

Sarah Cifelli- Feature


I like this particular photo the most from my three feature photographs. It contains no people and seems empty, and the quality of light give a sort of studio lighting effect. I enjoy the way the dark backlighting in the hallway and in the kitchen through the middle square window makes the white space and the foreground the features of this frame.  The space looks lived in and cluttered and signs of recent life are everywhere. On the table there is a glass, an inhaler, and a mess that for the moment remains untouched. I had taken this photo from several distances and felt that this was the best. At first I thought that the further away shot would have been better, but it seemed too distant and had less of a focus. Too close of a shot had too little sense of space. This distance worked best for me visually, including enough of the paintings above and the hallway to the left, as well as space underneath the table top to include the white chair’s legs. This space immortalizes this time in space, making the already still space seem even more abandoned and still, with clues of life not too far gone.

Sarah Cifelli – Assignment 3

This photo is of the Native American statues in front of Fusz Hall. I love the composition of the photo and the angle of their views, just above and outside of the photo. We do not know what they are looking at but we can imagine by the way they are in crouched poses and have looks of despair as if they are receiving a difficult message on their faces. The hand on the shoulder also represents some sort of leadership and status difference. I love the colors and texture of the statues themselves, as well as the way the tree branches out behind in the same direction as the staff held by the center figure. The colors of early morning are seen in the background behind the tree as well, which adds to  a lighter mood of possible hope for the figures.  I love the shapes included and the angle from which this photo was taken. I think that playing around with the time of day and therefore the light of the photo could change the mood and story told. I also could try different angles, possibly just single face close ups or a shot of the figures face that we do not see here.

Sarah Cifelli

Photo Safari View From My Bedroom

This was my favorite photo from the first assignment. I am standing in my bedroom in my loft apartment in St. Louis, Mo. The time is about 6:30am when the sun began to lighten the sky. The shapes of the art and posters on my wall are varied and I love the arrangement, obviously since I chose them myself. I love the colors and the arrangement of the photo. I am glad that I chose to include the mirror on the left, since you can see some shapes from the reflecting blinds and window across. It gives the photo some more space and interesting elements. I am also glad that the pillows and a strip of the bed is included at the bottom. It probably could be improved by if I were able to walk backward through the wall and include even more information, or closing in on a section of the photo. Also if the lighting was more even or the tones could have been edited to improve or make a great different version.

Sarah Cifelli

Sarah Cifelli


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