Michael DiMaria-Sports

volly3For sports I took pictures of SLU volleyball. It is very obvious that this was not my strongest shoot of the semester.  Sports are very hard to take pictures of especially if you do not have a pass to be on the court.  taking pictures from the stands is difficult.  Not only that, but the lighting in there was so awful it was amazing I could get a somewhat decent shot. I learned a lot from this project specifically.


Michael DiMaria-person at work

atwork2For my person at work I decided to take pictures of a bartender because that is what I currently do as a job.  Any time I think of bartender i get this thought of old time saloon in my head. Because of that I edited the photo in a way to look kind of old and worn.  He is looking at the glass very closely to make sure there are no marks on it.  this shows he cares about his job and it shows in the photo shoot.

Michael DiMaria

IMG_0025This was a good one to edit because the cigaret was in the bush which made it fun to move around.  The contrast between the snow and bush made a nice background for the over all photo.

Bra Show

twobraThis was my favorite picture because I really felt like it got the essence of the whole event.  the two ladies, by pointing and looking around, are interacting with the environment very well.  Especially so because it was such a strange event.

Michael DiMaria #5

howardThis photo, I believe, gives a general feeling of the whole protest that night.  It didn’t hit me how serious some of these people were until they handed out gas masks to certain individuals in charge.  I think I captured a powerful picture that had a lot of feeling. The challenge I was faced with while shooting this was the lighting.  I had to have someone hold two flashlights behind me to reduce the backlighting.

Michael’s Portrait

alicen-1This portrait I liked the most because it was a risk with the lighting and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  I thought about making her red watch more red to immediately draw attention to it, but I thought it might take away from the actual picture as a whole and it was a risk I did not really want to take in a portrait.

light- Michael

IMG_3125This is by far my favorite picture that I took.  I feel that I was very close to getting all of the elements in this picture.  It evokes a kind of emotion out of me and feels kind of ominous even for me and i was the photographer.


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