Katie Kane-Illustration


For my “frozen” illustration my first instinct was to try to capture images that contained snow and/or ice and then bring them together. Luckily, the day we did this shoot in class it had just snowed out and was freezing, so there was plenty of snow and ice to go around. I found this camel in the nativity scene by the Business school pond and it already had a very nice coating of cold snow on its head. I also took a picture of icicles that had formed along an electric box by the clocktower steps. Once in photoshop, I simply brought over the icicles from the electric box and put them onto the camel’s face in a believable way. I also resized them slightly so that they would seem to fit in with the proportions of the camel itself. While I’m pleased with the result, I wish that I had been able to do a few more small things to add to the overall idea of “frozen.” I would like to bring down the vibrance and saturation just a bit to make it seem a bit more monotone, as well as burn the edges a bit. I would also bring up the blue hues slightly as well to convey frozen even more. Overall, I’m pleased with how my illustration turned out and the fun techniques I got to practice using.

Katie Kane-Sports


For the sports assignment I decided to go the exhibition basketball game against Harris-Stowe. I figured that since it was an exhibition game there would not be as many students in the student section as usual and that I would be able to get pretty close and get some good shots. At first it was hard to get used to shooting inside Chaifetz; the artificial lighting is not very camera-friendly at all, so it took me a little bit to get everything adjusted to the right levels. After that, the hardest part was just being able to follow the action and capture the moments that I wanted to. I found the best way to go about this was to follow the action with the camera ready to go and to try and anticipate when moments of big action would happen. The multiple release shutter mode was my best friend on this assignment.  Even after adjusting the ISO to the highest setting possible, some photos were still a bit on the dark and dull side, so I went in with Photoshop and brightened them up a little bit as well as increased the vibrance and saturation ever so slightly. Overall I was very pleased with how this shoot turned out. Even though it was difficult, in the end I think that a combination of perseverance and luck paid off in this photo.

Katie Kane-Person at Work


I absolutely love the way this photo turned out. As we talked about in class, it can be hard to capture photographs of a person at work that show more than just the same thing over and over again and to show a new perspective to what we usually consider pretty basic things. I chose to photograph one of my residents who works at Starbucks because I knew that she would be okay with me photographing her and it being a little bit of an awkward situation. Since she already knows me pretty well it allowed her to continue her work like I wasn’t even there, which helped me capture natural photographs and genuine emotion and realistic work activity. I particularly like the layering in this photograph between the cup and the Starbucks apron with the logo in the background to help provide some context. I also liked the tilt of the cup in relation to the frame; I think it adds a little bit of the unexpected to the photo. If I could change anything I would have taken the picture during the day when I could have gotten a little bit more natural light. I also would have gotten just a little bit closer to get the entirety of the cup in the frame and bring the focus onto the cup even more. Overall I think this shoot went pretty well.

Katie Kane-General News

Kane_K_General News2

I think that this assignment was a little bit easier than feature because by its nature it required more planning but also helped provide ready subject matter to be photographed. I chose to go to Dirk’s Fund Golden Retriever Rescue, based out of Pacific, MO, during one of their weekly adoption hours in order to get some photos of the day. My family has been volunteering there since I was in 8th grade, and I know many of the dogs that are there, so it was pretty easy for me to be able to get very involved in the activities of the day while still blending in and having both the volunteers and dogs feel comfortable in my presence and still act naturally. This photo was one of those lucky ones where you are in the right place at the right time and the shutter goes off exactly when you want it to. Content-wise I think that this is one of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken. On the technical side I wish that I would’ve had just a little bit more exposure and really allowed the deep red of Stewart’s (the dog) coat to shine through, especially in contrast to the lightness of my mom’s hair. I also would’ve brought the camera down just a little bit and had the frame include Stewart’s full ear, as well as moved just an inch or two closer so that the frame would be filled just a tiny bit more so there’s not as much mundane background showing. Overall I am extremely pleased with this photo and am looking forward to tackling sports next.

Katie Kane-Feature


This assignment was a bit more difficult for me than the past ones because the weather was being rather uncooperative and some of the events that would have made for awesome subject matter either happened at night in horrible lighting or took place so suddenly and late at night that I, not being in photography mode, completely missed the decisive moment on something that I really wish I would have been able to capture (such as my floor looking out the window Sunday night and watching protesters). However, even with these struggles I think that I was still able to capture some awesome moments, and I particularly liked this photo because I think the meaning came through really well even though it is not perfect technique-wise. I basically just walked around my floor one day with a camera and tried to capture candid moments. I think that this image in particular shows that. I took it on a Friday, when everyone is feeling relieved that the week is over and relaxing and getting ready to have fun over the weekend and be able to take a short break from the stresses of school. I think even though it is a little overexposed and the quality of light is a little bit too strong, this gave the image a little bit of a surreal feel to it and helped capture the really positive and relaxed mood that the room had. To improve I wish that I would have snapped the image just a little bit sooner that Emily’s face was visible and it was possible to see her smile. i also would have moved over to the left just a little bit more so that the bed post wasn’t awkwardly in the frame either and so that it was a bit more balanced. Overall I think that it turned out well.

Assignment 4-Portrait


For this assignment I wanted to photograph someone that I already knew, because I thought that it would be easier in that I could be more freely awkward about taking pictures with them. However, it was also challenging in getting someone I knew to agree to have portraits taken because they knew that I was going to be using their photo in a class. I ended up taking portraits of my mom, and overall I think they went really well. I particularly like this photo because I think it sums up my mom in just a picture. I knew that I didn’t want to force her to not smile in her portrait, because she is naturally a very happy person and spends most of her time smiling anyways; I wanted to capture that sense of contentment and joy that she brings with her everywhere she goes, and I think the slight smile in this photo captures that perfectly. I also like this one because it features one of our family dogs, and my mom’s life basically revolves around her kids and her dogs; I think having Bubba (the dog) in this photo helps add another element to this photo without taking focus off of my mom. Finally, I think the shallow depth of field worked well on this photo and the nondescript background wasn’t that distracting either. To improve this portrait I wish that I would’ve gone for an even plainer background to draw even more focus on the subject’s eyes. I also wish that I would have asked her to put her head slightly higher up so that her face is fully visible. Overall however I am really pleased with how everything turned out.

Katie Kane-Color, Mood, Light, Texture


For this week’s assignment I tried to challenge myself more and take some more risks than I have on the past 2 shoots, and I think that it paid off. With this picture in particular I loved how in-your-face and out of place this brightly colored bounce house looked, as well as the interaction between this obviously man-made object and the natural monochromatic landscape behind it. I considered a shot that had more of the rest of SLUfest going on to give the bounce house some context, but it ended up looking very busy and sort of drowned out any individual area from being the main focus and was a little bit overwhelming visually. I really like how this picture turned out, but to make it even better I wish that I would’ve gone for just a little bit more and maybe turned my camera to the left just a little more to capture more of the industrial backdrop of the city and utilize the rule of thirds to more effect as well. I think getting down just a little lower and tilting the camera slightly up more also would have helped add to the larger-than-life feel that the bounce house had and could take this photo to the next level.

Katie Kane-Point of View


This assignment was a little bit challenging for me. I really wanted to incorporate human subjects into my photos, but certain angles are rather unflattering to some people and can make getting a good shot a bit difficult. I chose this photo overall because of the interaction of a few different elements. I really liked how the wide angle was able to sort of “set the scene” and help viewers feel as though they were also emerging from a dark tunnel into the sea lion exhibit at the zoo. I also really liked how the top arch of the exhibit provided a natural frame for the photo. The stark contrast in light between the underwater tunnel and the cave also served as a nice point of entry and I think helps draw viewers immediately into the center of the picture. I also liked the way that the camera picked up the perspective of being underwater and helped provide a bit more of a unique perspective than one usually gets. However, to improve the picture I would have moved just a little bit further back in the tunnel so that there is more of a visual build-up to emerging into the light instead of just the archway. I think this little extra distance would have gone a long way in making the photo great instead of just pretty good. I also wish that I would’ve tried a few other combos of shutter speed/F-stop/ISO, because the picture looks a little underdeveloped to me and I think the color loses a little bit of its vibrancy because of it. I am also looking forward to being able to do some minor edits on photos now that we have learned how to do some basic color correction in Photoshop with RAW images, and I will definitely also use that to my advantage to help take a good picture and make it great.

Katie Kane-Photo Safari


With this assignment, I really wanted to take the chance to experiment and get creative with the photos I took. I personally am really drawn to photos that show everyday things in a new way, so I tried to do that with this task. I am particularly pleased with the way this photo turned out for a few reasons. Getting the right balance of light with a large aperture was a bit difficult, but I think that the focus on the flower in contrast to the blurry background really helps it to pop. I also like the color contrast, particularly the yellow center of the flower which also serves as a great point of entry as it catches your eye immediately. I think this photo also has some layering going between the flower in the forefront and the business school in the background. I also really like how nature is by itself very symmetrical and graphically pleasing to the eye, which it makes very easy to snap an image that is visually striking. I think the picture could be made better by getting even closer in on the flower and letting it completely fill the frame. I also think it could be improved through a little bit more light on the flower. This could be done by going out during a different time of the day and trying to experiment with different exposures. Overall I really enjoyed playing around with the camera and experimenting with different settings, and I’m looking forward to growing more proficient as the semester progresses.


August 2020

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