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Michael DiMaria-Sports

volly3For sports I took pictures of SLU volleyball. It is very obvious that this was not my strongest shoot of the semester.  Sports are very hard to take pictures of especially if you do not have a pass to be on the court.  taking pictures from the stands is difficult.  Not only that, but the lighting in there was so awful it was amazing I could get a somewhat decent shot. I learned a lot from this project specifically.


Michael DiMaria-person at work

atwork2For my person at work I decided to take pictures of a bartender because that is what I currently do as a job.  Any time I think of bartender i get this thought of old time saloon in my head. Because of that I edited the photo in a way to look kind of old and worn.  He is looking at the glass very closely to make sure there are no marks on it.  this shows he cares about his job and it shows in the photo shoot.

“Frozen” Illustration


Completely spaced on writing my corresponding blog for the Photoshop illustration assignment….so this is a little late, oops! Anyways, for my illustration photo I used a picture taken during the first snowfall of the season in Forest Park.  I happened to be on my way home from work, and sitting in the I-64 traffic jam that always occurs at 6:00pm I noticed how pretty the trees in Forest Park looked with the snow sticking to the branches.  I made a split second decision and took the next exit to run and capture snowy images.  It worked out perfectly that i had my camera with me that day since I’d been using it to take pictures for the “person at work” assignment. I got a lot of really cool images, but I loved this one with the three men fishing. I used the coloring tools to create a “Northern Lights” effect on the pond, and sharpened the glow from the street lamps off in the distance. Finally, I posterized the snowy grass in the bottom of the frame and several bushes along the backside of the pond, too.  I like the colors that give the illusion of the “Northern Lights”, but enjoy that the silhouettes of the men are not overwhelmed by the Photoshop edits.

Sarah Cifelli- Sports

SPORTS3This is my favorite of the sports photos. I like that it is vertical and shows both the shadow and him. It is mid-action which is apparent by the suspension. I think that the rock climbing was an interesting take on Sports and is a fun and easy sport to take photos of. It is easy to make them blur-free because with the obvious use of a fast shutter speed, it is not hard to focus and capture the movement since it usually is not very fast. I took a lot of great photos on this trip rockclimbing in Jasper, AK with the Wilderness Adventure Club at SLU and was lucky enough for a mixture of shade and great sunlight and clear skies.

Brid Fahey – Sports

Brid Fahey

With finals week being in full swing, it was difficult to find many students participating in activities. However, I was thankfully able to get photos of a girl playing basketball at the Simon Rec Center. Of all the photos, this is my favorite shot. I really like how the girl is running towards the ball, which is coming down from the basket. Also, I really like how there’s only a little bit of the hoop showing. I wish the coloring could be bette, however, I’m really happy with the way this picture came out.

Austin McBroom- Point of view


This a photo of my little cousin when him and his mother come to visit me. He is addicted to donuts, so I took him one of the mornings he was in town. I really enjoyed this photo, not just because of the delicious donuts but his facial expession is what makes the photo unique. I also love the fact that it is natural, you can tell that he is a fan of donuts just by his facial expression. One thing I dislike, is that I cutt off part of his head. I wish I could of got his entire body and still have gotten his facial expression. I also like the angel of this photo, I think the birds eye view is perfect for position of his body.

Danny Brennan (Illustration)


Photo shop for me is one of the more difficult programs to work with. I really do not have a whole lot of experience with it. I chose a photo that I used for an earlier assignment. This is of a water fountain in Kansas City, MO. in the middle of the world series. Since the Royals were playing in the world series they had died the fountain water royal blue. I really wanted to make that blue really pop out for people to notice. For this photo I mostly just messed around with the tools. I took down some of the exposure. I added more to the vibrance of the colors,the brightness, and the contrast between them thinking it would help. It would seem difficult to make the association with the Royals just on this picture. It would have helped if I had added something of that nature. But I did have a lot of fun messing with all the different tools and learned a lot.


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