Sarah Cifelli- Feature


I like this particular photo the most from my three feature photographs. It contains no people and seems empty, and the quality of light give a sort of studio lighting effect. I enjoy the way the dark backlighting in the hallway and in the kitchen through the middle square window makes the white space and the foreground the features of this frame.  The space looks lived in and cluttered and signs of recent life are everywhere. On the table there is a glass, an inhaler, and a mess that for the moment remains untouched. I had taken this photo from several distances and felt that this was the best. At first I thought that the further away shot would have been better, but it seemed too distant and had less of a focus. Too close of a shot had too little sense of space. This distance worked best for me visually, including enough of the paintings above and the hallway to the left, as well as space underneath the table top to include the white chair’s legs. This space immortalizes this time in space, making the already still space seem even more abandoned and still, with clues of life not too far gone.


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