Brid Fahey – Sports

Brid Fahey

With finals week being in full swing, it was difficult to find many students participating in activities. However, I was thankfully able to get photos of a girl playing basketball at the Simon Rec Center. Of all the photos, this is my favorite shot. I really like how the girl is running towards the ball, which is coming down from the basket. Also, I really like how there’s only a little bit of the hoop showing. I wish the coloring could be bette, however, I’m really happy with the way this picture came out.


Austin McBroom- Point of view


This a photo of my little cousin when him and his mother come to visit me. He is addicted to donuts, so I took him one of the mornings he was in town. I really enjoyed this photo, not just because of the delicious donuts but his facial expession is what makes the photo unique. I also love the fact that it is natural, you can tell that he is a fan of donuts just by his facial expression. One thing I dislike, is that I cutt off part of his head. I wish I could of got his entire body and still have gotten his facial expression. I also like the angel of this photo, I think the birds eye view is perfect for position of his body.

Achraf Yacoubou – (Frozen Illustration)


In the illustration photo I attempted to capture an image that shows something that is very cold and I was able to to this by taking this picture of the snow on the ground from a birds eye view. I like this photo because you can see the shoe prints on the ground that students made while going to class and obviously it shows that some of the shoe prints are turned to ice and is frozen on the ground.

Eric Sage- News

Residents of the Shaw Neighborhood protest in anticipation of a Grand Jury Verdict in the case of Mike Browns Shooting by Officer Wilson. During a protest on south Grand Ave, a Metro bus attempted to turn around due to a blocked intersection on Grand And Shaw. The Bus subsequently broke down obstructing the street for three hours.

Eric Sage- Sports

break awayI selected this Image because it illustrates the competitive nature of two athletes during a break away. While other players have long since given up on this play. these two young men continue to fight for the ball. The young man in blue is a Division one athlete at Saint Louis University and during the time of this photograph he was just two weeks away from having major surgery on his knee.

Eric Sage- Person at Work

chef sungChef Sung Min Lee, Prepares Sake No Kunsi, Cold Smoked Salmon. His brother and Su Chef Sung Se Lee observes. I choose this photograph because Japanse sushi masters, Such as Chef Sung, think of their food and presentations as works of art. The brothers spend hours in preparation prior to the first customer and preparation takes even longer when specialty fish arrive. This image was selected to show the passing of information, teaching, and the time that goes into learning the art of sushi.

Dylan Devine – Illustration Blog


I have some experience with photoshop and I still had difficulty with this project. I think I was trying to make it look like it was ice reflecting the sun, but I ended up just blowing out the lights a little to much. Given more time I think I could have come up with something much better for this one.


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