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Photoshop has always seemed allusive to me.  It is the program that gets tossed around a lot in my major, but I could never really understand all the intricacies the program has to offer.  More often then not, teachers would assume everyone already knew how to use the software when in reality most students had to learn from self teaching.  I found this assignments extremely helpful.  It was the first time that someone knowledgeable in the craft had taken the time to teach the basic essentials of the program.  In just learning a few simple techniques, the entire program does not seems as allusive and daunting.  I hope that the simple techniques I learned will help me learn more intricate parts of the system.

In regards to this photo, I like it.  It does appear too outlandish or unbelievable.  I think that to an untrained eye if could pass as an unaltered photograph.  I am happy with the final result.  Of course I wish to learn more within the realm of photoshop, but I believe this is a great starting point and I am happy with the outcome.


Rachel Moylan-Person at work and Sports


This photo is my best representation of the assignment.  It incorporates all the necessities to capture a person at work.  It relays all the important factors to show the viewer a glimpse of life working at a frozen yogurt company.  I love the clarity and decisive moment captured in the photo.  You can see the employee at work cutting up strawberries to refill the topping bar.  Another characteristic about this photo I adore is the sharp contrast of the white in the background to the blue of the employee uniform.  It is that crisp color change that drawers the view in and focuses the attention.

I wish that the employee, Malcolm, was in the process of cutting a strawberry.  This added element would not leave the viewer to search for the carton of strawberries in the lower left corner but clue them in faster to what fruit he is cutting.  Other than this small aspect I do love this photo.  I made a conscious decision to capture from the neck down.  I believe this focuses more to the work aspect of the assignment.


I am slightly obsessed with this photo.  I believe it beautifully illustrates layering.  With the opposite team in the background and single player in the front it showcases the pitcher in the middle ground.  I also love how clear the action is stopped.  The pitch is such an intricate part of softball, I am glad that I was able to successfully capture this important step of the game.

To make this photo truly great, I wish the ball could have already have been released by the pitcher.  I think this small change to the photo would have allowed the viewer to think pass the photo and move along with the speed of the game.

Rachel Moylan- Feature and General News

I believe I forgot to blog about my feature story, no matter this post will have double the photographic power.



For my feature story I choose to document the atmosphere of midterms.  Midterms is a hectic time of the semester.  I wished to document the urgency of learning.  This photo really stood out to me.  I love the busyness in colors and objects found within the photo.  The point of entry is definitely Grace, the subject.  From Grace we are clued into different things.  We can tell that she is a dedicated student who is hoping to do well on her coming midterms.  There is a great depth of field within this photograph.  I love how their is a definite entrance into the photo, Grace.  Then the viewer can move about the photo, grasping the setting.  To make this photograph better I wish I had captured more of Grace’s face.  In seeing her face I believe the viewer would have more insight into the stressful period of midterms.


With my general news photographs I decided to shoot the SLU Club Volleyball Team’s home tournament.  I believe this photo to be my best found within the assignment.  I think this picture captures the team’s unity and overall fondness for both volleyball and each other.  I like the simplicity of this photograph.  It is very geometrical and pleasing to the eye.  The lines and the team circle create shapes which draws the reader in.  From this picture the view can tell they are an indoor sports team.  To make this photograph better I would have like to get a volleyball in the photograph.  This way the viewer would know for sure what sport is being played.



Rachel Moylan Portfolio


I believe this to be my best photo this week.  The essence of the subject is captured in the photograph, most specifically in her eyes.  The eyes are definitely the point of entry within this photograph.  Right away the viewer is drawn into her eyes.    The viewer is almost locked in a staring contest with the subject.  This is also a strong photograph because of the pose of the subject.  It is a different looking portrait style.  She looks comfortable and relax all while inviting the viewer into the photograph.

To improve this photograph I wish I had moved slightly to the right as to turn the subjects’ head more to the light.  This way there would not be the slight shadow on the subjects’ face.

Rachel Moylan


This week proved challenging.  I attempted to capture color, light, mood and texture during night.  I believed all of these aspects could be expressed better in a night time capacity.  However, I did not account for the difficulty shooting without complete access to light.  Many of the photographs turned out blurry or out of focus. It was frustrating to see a perfect shot that exemplifies color, light, mood and texture but then have that shot not come across on the viewfinder.

I believe this photo is my best photo this week.  The colors speak capture me the most.  The blue hue illuminating from behind and radiating onto the fence makes this photograph.  The eeriness of a dark soccer stadium is overturned by the safeness of the light.  I think a personal element would launch this photo into perfection.  Seeing a person in this photo would amplify the mood and even texture.

Rachel Moylan- Point of View


This week I attempted to take all five of my photos in the same space.  I wanted to challenge myself while changing the point of view within the same confined area.  This photo stood out to me the most.  All of my shots were taken in a roller rink while the black lights were on.  This proved extremely challenging.  Getting a photo that was not blurry but focused and at an interesting point of view was tricky.  However, this photo over came the dark, weird lighting and I believe turned out quite well.  I love how the skate is the only thing in focus.  With the background blurry and the skate sharp your eye is immediately drawn to the skate.  The low point of view offers a unique vantage point to typically obtained at a roller rink.  I also believe the colors set the mood in this photograph.  The neon green on the left offers a change from the blue hues of the rink.  To make this photograph better I wish the coat in the lower right corner was not in the picture.  With the coat in the foreground before the skate it does draw the eye away from the main focus of the skate.

Rachel Moylan-Photo Safari


Out of my five photos this one appeals to me the most.  I find it to be organized chaos.  The photograph is filled; there are numerous lines, angles, and dimensions.  I find the busyness of the photograph works in its favor.  I believe this causes the observer to stop and truly look at the picture.  Construction scaffolding is not a common occurrence.  It takes a moment for the brain to figure out the setting and location of the photograph.  The photo is mesmerizing.  I consider the lighting, colors, movement, and shadows of the photograph to be crisp and sharp.  I believe all comes together to create a unusual and unexpected photograph.

What would truly make this photograph great would be more human content.  I wish more construction workers had been working at the time.  I feel as though more human interaction within this photograph would appeal to the observer.  I also believe more neon green shirts would add to the brightness of the photo.  In order to obtain some workers in the picture, I feel as though I had to sacrifice seeing the top of the building.  I think seeing the blue sky would give the observer some perspective and contrast to the many lines and angles of the scaffolding.


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