Danny Brennan (Illustration)


Photo shop for me is one of the more difficult programs to work with. I really do not have a whole lot of experience with it. I chose a photo that I used for an earlier assignment. This is of a water fountain in Kansas City, MO. in the middle of the world series. Since the Royals were playing in the world series they had died the fountain water royal blue. I really wanted to make that blue really pop out for people to notice. For this photo I mostly just messed around with the tools. I took down some of the exposure. I added more to the vibrance of the colors,the brightness, and the contrast between them thinking it would help. It would seem difficult to make the association with the Royals just on this picture. It would have helped if I had added something of that nature. But I did have a lot of fun messing with all the different tools and learned a lot.


Danny Brennan (Person at Work)


As you can see from a lot of my posts I love taking pictures at sporting events. I decided to do the same for my person at work and take some pictures of the under appreciated referees. We see action shots of the athletes all the time, so here I took pictures of referees at work. We discussed how difficult it was to take pictures at the Chaifetz arena, well this was in a high school gym you can imagine the difficulty I had taking these pictures. What I do like about this photo is that I got the referee blowing her whistle signaling the beginning of the second half. I also like the little bit of layering I have with the court, people, and the bleachers. I also think this photo could be improved if I could get closer to the subjects.

Danny Brennan (Portrait)


I photographed my friend Laurie for the portrait shoot. During this assignment I had a major battle with the sun. This was around 6:00 PM at night so the sun was on its way down but was still very bright. This picture was my favorite because the sun was not so over powering. In my other photos it was half of the face sun and have shadow which didn’t turn out as good. This one I didn’t make her move at all I just changed my POV and had her look away from the sun so it was not so over powering, and I think it turned out pretty good.

Danny Brennan (POV)


This photo was my favorite from my Point Of View selects. I really wanted to take the viewer to a POV that they might not have ever seen before. In this picture I was right behind the first baseman receiving a throw from the second baseman throwing a runner out. I love how this photo captured the ball just before the first baseman caught it. Another aspect of this photo I really like is the layering from the foreground to the background.

Danny Brennan (photo safari)


We were given the opportunity to go out and take pictures of what ever we wanted. So I decided to head to the baseball field and take pictures of the team practicing. This picture is of two players playing some long toss. What I really like about this photo is the layering, with one player in the front, the outfield grass, the wall, and then the background. I really think it all comes together in that aspect. One thing that I think would make this photo better is if I had a faster shutter speed so I could capture the ball in better focus.

Danny Brennan- Sports


This is my favorite photo from my shoot at the bowling alley. I really like a lot of aspects from this photo especially the angle that I got it from. Picking a sporting even like bowling gave me to opportunity to get really close to the action. I was pretty much able to stand where ever I wanted.

There were also many things that I could have done to improve this photo. I couldn’t tell in the alley but my shutter speed should have been faster to really stop the action, it was a little blurry in spots. I also would have liked to waited just about a half a second longer and got a shot of the ball on the way to the pins.

General News – Danny Brennan

For my general news story I went to a Wedding, but I didn’t want to be taking pictures in the church during the ceremony. So what better event is there then the reception. I took this photo of the dance floor when everybody started to have some liquid courage. I wanted to get the bride in as many photos  as possible because it was her day. So this is her dancing the night away with her friends.

Some things I found difficult when taking all of my pictures is that it was very dark in the ball room and to get good light. Also there were just so many people there I feel like in all of my photos something, or someone was getting cut out of the picture. But this photo shoot has by far been my favorite one.



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