The E-Board

I like this picture the most because this picture explains much of the meeting. This picture summarizes the role of every person during the meeting, besides the president. Though there is lack of motion, I believe this is a good picture to include in a news story. This was the first general assembly for Black Student Alliance following fall break, in which many changes occurred on campus. This is a depiction of an executive board nearly half-way finished with their term and new additions to this executive board for the remainder of the year. I think this could be included in any feature story to shape the story and add a visual element to the story.



The Dark Meaning of the Flag

The American flag has gained much attention on Saint Louis University’s campus. For some, it symbolizes unity and national pride. For some, as it is turned upside down, it represents immediate distress and danger. Nonetheless, these are representations that people are entitled to their viewpoint. As I documented the protest near SLU’s water tower, I realized that some people were unable to focus on the reason of the protest. I found this dark piece of cloth to be the problem that hinders the protester from changing their community. I found the Learn-In to be a dark place as I realized the stubbornness that exists within the SLU community. For me, the entire night was dark.

Montel Cooper Blog #3

To me this picture has a meaning behind it. Despite the local elementary school being in the picture, the fact that this site is “dangerous” we have an open gate to the danger. I find it ironic that a construction site would leave a gate open especially near an elementary school. In addition this was a picture that has foreground and background that really adds to the photo. I personally like the light on the photo but I would lower it or wait until night if I were to take this picture over again.



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