Frozen- Liz Stark

My frozen illustration was something I thought was very fun and challenging. I really liked having to go out and take pictures on the spot. It was fun and made me have to think creatively with what I had available. I feel like that’s a great skill to have.

I definitely struggle with the photoshop part of the assignment. Photoshop is a program that I am not very familiar with and was definitely hard to work with. It is something that is going to take a lot of practice and time just to master what all of the tools do. I ended up keeping my picture pretty simple, but I think it ended up turning out pretty cool. This inspired me to start working on learning how to use photoshop effectively. 0796dadac20cb19b6067a03ca369da88_large


Liz Stark- Sport


This was my favorite picture that I captured in my sports shoot. I decided to shoot a member of the Xquizit Dance Team on campus because they are a very well known organization and perform at many student events. The subject of the picture was also really excited to be photographed, because she told me that people have often told her that dance isn’t a sport, when in reality it takes a lot of hard work and athletic ability. I loved that this picture showed how athletic you really do have to be to dance. I also loved that it captured the perfect moment when she was in the air, because it makes you feel like you are there.

One thing that I would change about this picture would be the lighting in the dance studios on campus. I tried three different studios and they all didn’t have very good lighting. This was because they were all indoors, and they all had florescent lighting with no windows.

Liz Stark- Person At Work


This photo was my favorite picture from my Person at Work assignment. I loved that the picture really captured the relationship between the worker and the student. Here at SLU, students really do get the chance to have great relationship with the individuals that are employed by the school, and that was what my main goal of the shoot was to capture.

I wish that the silverware dispensers weren’t in the front of the picture, because that really threw the balance of the picture off. But the reason I still decided to use this picture, was because of the great emotion is conveyed.

Liz Stark- General News

DSC_0004 copy

This picture was my favorite picture that I took for General News. I thought this was a cool assignment because we could pick anything that was important to us. SLU Dance Marathon just kicked off their Mission 125 campaign, and are really kicking up their PR efforts in the BSC and around campus, so I thought that would be something really cool to caption.

I really like this picture because it has all the information about the organization in it. It has the name, what their buttons and logo look like, and what their theme colors are for this year. It looks like a pretty simple picture at first, but it ends up being packed with information. I really wish that I could have also captured some people in this picture, but at this time sadly no one was working behind the table. I think having people in the picture definitely could have made it a lot better.

Feature- Liz Stark


This is my favorite picture that it took for the feature assignment. I was really excited to photograph the protesters because I thought they would be great feature, but the shoot definitely didn’t go as planned. Many of the protesters didn’t want to be in pictures and none of them wanted to have their names in the captions. It also started raining while I was taking the pictures, and I think that’s why majority of my pictures have a little bit of motion blur in them. Next time for a shoot, I’m definitely going to plan farther in advance so if I encounter problems like I did on Monday, I will have more time to fix the issues or find a new topic.

Liz Stark- Portrait

This was definitely one of the harder assignments that we have had in the class so far. Portraits really make me nervous, because I feel like it is really hard to do a person’s personality justice. In class we talked about how a person wants to be “captured in time” in a photograph, so I really wanted to try to capture a picture that truly described my friend, Jordan.

I ended up shooting her pictures in front of a brick wall on campus, just because every other backdrop I tried was way too busy. I wish that I had kept trying different backgrounds so I could have gotten more of a variety of pictures. I think one of the reasons my pictures were more reserved is because I was nervous about taking portraits. Next time I definitely want to try to go more outside of my comfort zone.

DSC_0060 copy

Liz Stark- Blog Post #3


This was definitely my favorite picture that I took this week. I got the chance to go to the botanical gardens with my family, and I had so much fun playing around with all of the color and texture that was present. I really tried to incorporate people into every picture that I took, so that made things a little bit harder but it was also really fun at the same time. My favorite part about this picture is the color in the stained glass windows and the texture that’s present in the brick.

I really struggled with adjusting my camera to the light around the gardens. Because I was constantly walking in and out of building, I was dealing with different environments non stop. I also want to work on taking multiple pictures and angles of the topic I’m photographing. I had a couple of pictures that could have turned out really cool, but little things about the picture ruined them and I really wish that I would’ve had more options while editing.


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