Aspen Steiner-Frozen


For my illustration I chose to photograph and edit the nativity scene outside the business school by the pond. I ended up taking two pictures and cutting a cow and a shepherd from one picture and including it in the other, as demonstrated here. I really enjoyed working with photoshop and think I picked up some pretty handy techniques for editing pictures. If I had more time I think I could have worked the shepherd into the scene much better, but I think I did a pretty good job on the cow. While this whole image may not necessarily convey the idea of “frozen” I think it has some components that do.


Aspen Steiner-Sports


I think my sports shots turned out relatively well. I ended up going to my youngest sisters soccer game. Unfortunately she was out with an injury so she didn’t even get to play. It was a beautiful afternoon and I love the color of the trees in the back of all the shots. It’s getting much easier to do the camera adjustments before time and the shoots require much fewer practice shots to get it right. This is my favorite picture from the shoot. If you look right below the athlete’s foot you can see a patch of black. Those are turf beads suspended in the air by the force of her foot touching the ground, which I think is a really neat aspect to have captured.

Aspen Steiner-Person at Work


I was really excited for the person at work assignment because it meant that I got to check out my dad’s new machine shop. Renovations had just been completed and almost all of the left over inventory had been moved to its new home so the place was in great condition. He was extremely proud of all the work he had done so I’m really glad I got to capture some of that. I chose this picture because I really like the detail on the machine. All those pieces of black filings are actually pieces of plastic. Before entering this machine, AJ would deburr the plastic pieces by hand, and then the machine would do the final smoothing. AJ was a great subject and didn’t pay me much attention, which made my job even easier.

Aspen Steiner-General News


I really enjoyed the challenge of this assignment. I know I wanted to do something fun, and who doesn’t love little kids in Halloween costumes? So I went to the St. Louis Zoo for their event, Boo at the Zoo. The hardest parts were A) not looking like a creep taking pictures of people’s children, and B) the lighting. By the time I got to the event, it was already 6 o’clock which provided for some great light, but as the sun sank lower, it got harder and harder to get some good pictures. Some street lights were turned on a little before 7, casting an even more eery glow on the already hazy-from-the-fake-fog atmosphere. All in all I was happy with the outcome of my pictures, this one especially. I love that I caught father and son in similar positions with identical expressions. I also enjoy the bit of layering present in this photo as well, and the way the boys costume really pops and also somewhat mimics the color of the bushes in the background.

Aspen Steiner-Feature


I really enjoyed this assignment and am happy with the outcome of my pictures. I was able to attend the interfaith service on Sunday night and was even lucky enough to join the rest of the media/press on the floor surrounding the stage. Who knew that just carrying a cool camera made you important enough to be more than just an audience member? I think this picture captures not only my viewpoint and experience at the rally, but also the emotion shared by many attendees as well. The lighting in the arena made the shoot a bit difficult and motion blur occurred in a handful of my shots, but other than that I am pleased with the assignment.

Aspen Steiner-Portrait


I found this assignment a lot more challenging than the others we have had to do.  I had issues procuring a camera in the first place and ended up using a different camera for the assignment whose manual focus I clearly had trouble with. It’s all a learning experience though and I’m better educated because of it.  This picture was the first one I took and as soon as I saw it on the computer I loved it.  I’m very glad I went out of my comfort zone to photograph a stranger.  I forgot to ask for his name though! I’ve gotta make sure to do that next time.  On top of that I felt rushed because he had to get back to work, but at least I got this picture; I think it captures my subject’s essence.  I also love the way the light hits his face, illuminating half, and shadowing the other.

Aspen Steiner-Color


I chose this picture because I absolutely adore the color in it.  I feel that the eye catches the headband and then is drawn through the photograph by the colorful t-shirts.  I think the image has good depth of field and I really appreciate the angle that I took the picture from.  I think the picture draws people in and lets them feel like they are actually there as well. I would’ve liked to perfect the editing so the guy in the red shirt were to stand out as well.


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