Illustration-Sarah Roberts

RobertsS_Photo Illustration

For my Illustration photo, I used a photo that I had taken for another assignment.  I used a photo of a man sleeping on a park bench in Forest Park.  I wanted to make the photo look a little bleak, since the subject is not a particularly happy one.  So I used some tools to isolate the man on the bench and change the background around him.  I did a little editing on the color and saturation of the original photo to make the background more vibrant and have more contrast, and then I converted it to black and white so that only the man was in color.  I wanted him to again be the focal point of the photo, and also show a contrast between the environment and the subject.  I had originally wanted to make the man in black and white and leave the background in color, but he faded away too much to the point that you could barely notice him in the photo.  I think this end result communicates the message I had intended-that there is a sense of isolation and sadness being communicated in the picture.


Sarah Roberts-Person at Work and Sports


This assignment was very difficult for me since I was so busy with work and things outside of school, I had very little time to spend on the photo projects.  As for the sports assignment, I was not able to capture new pictures for this assignment so I will be using it as my re-shoot assignment.  As for the Person at work photo, I had a lot of difficulty.  I took a lot of pictures over the course of the day and they all looked alright in the camera viewfinder.  When I got home and looked at them on the computer, almost all of them were blurry or of poor quality.  I used the photos that I felt had the best story/frame even through the blurriness.  I think that maybe the flash was going off when I was taking some of the pictures, which could have messed with the quality.  I did enjoy finding different angles/frames to take pictures of, since we needed three and they couldn’t all be straight on shots of the person at work.  It was interesting to try and find different ways/angles of capturing the action.

General News-Sarah Roberts


For the General News assignment, I took photos at a work event this past weekend.  The charity Little Patriots Embraced held a program tour at Scott Air Force base, and Jordin Sparks performed a fitness class for the families at the base.  It was really cool to be able to take photos of the event, because I am normally working so this gave be a different perspective.  There were so many activities and everyone was having such a great time, it was really cool to try and capture that in photos.

This is my favorite photo because I think it tells a pretty good story of what the event was like.  The girls are dancing along to the fitness class and everyone was having a great time.  There seemed to be something on the lens when I took these photos, so next time I will be sure to make sure the lens is clean.  I also think that the lighting is a little off, I should have adjusted the ISO for midday without clouds.

Feature Assignment

This assignment was rather difficult since it rained constantly for four plus days.  It made it very difficult to get outside and take any pictures, plus the light was terrible the few times that the rain was clear.  I decided to take some indoor pictures of different locations around SLU, which was a bit difficult adjusting the camera to take pictures under fluorescent lights.  Either the camera I was using had a dirty lens, or I had difficulty with my aperture and iso because all my pictures look a bit dingy and pixely.  This photo was my favorite because of the framing and the lighting-it is better than in the other two.  The other pictures I took were outdoor at sunset, but it was very dark since it had been raining all day


Assignment 4: Portrait


I found this assignment to be the most difficult one yet.  I approached and took pictures of several individuals (strangers) but found it really hard to direct them in any fashion so it ended up being multiple angles of the same shot.  I think it was difficult because we needed three photos, and I was only able to get one good shot of these strangers.  I ended up using my best friend as the subject, thinking it would be easier.  It ended up being more difficult because I didn’t know how to direct him or tell him what to do.  I think I would have had a much better time with the assignment if we only had to do 1-2 shots, so then I could have done the portrait of a stranger and captured more of their “essence”.   It was too difficult with someone I know because I know his personality and it was difficult to communicate that in a photo.


Sarah Roberts: Color, Light, Texture and Mood


For this assignment, I had a lot of challenges. I couldn’t get the camera to work properly (or really even take pictures), so when it finally did work, I found that I didn’t really challenge myself as much as I could have because I was just happy to be able to complete the assignment. I should have waited a few hours to take my photos, not only because the light would have been better, but because I could have had more action in the shot at a later hour. When I did my photographs, there were only a few construction workers on the site because it was lunchtime. If I had waited, I could have captured more movement and possibly improved the mood in the pictures. It also would have been a better light later in the afternoon, and the overall lighting of my photographs would have improved. Overall, I really like this shot because I think the mood and texture in it are good. The lighting of this photograph could have been improved as well as the exposure. Because I had so many issues with the focus of the camera, I sort of went with the first photographs I took so that I wouldn’t face any more frustration with the camera. Next time, I will give myself a little more time to take the photos so that any complications I have with the camera can be worked out ahead of time


Sarah Roberts-Everyday Art


During the photo safari assignment,we were assigned to follow the light so I went to Forest Park to take some pictures of my favorite paths and footbridges.  I went at noon because I knew that the sun would be high and would make all the trees cast really interesting shadows.  Of all my photos, I thought  this photo was really interesting because of the curve of the metrolink path in the background and the rusty color of the bridge.   I think it is an interesting point of view and the layering of the backgrounds is also pretty cool.  The thing I think could be improved about this photo is the lighting.  The top of the photo looks a little pixel-y and possibly overexposed.  The blue of the sky in the background is also not as vivid as it could be, meaning that the shutter speed and aperture were probably not correct.  Overall, I think it is an interesting photo and could be improved upon by changing the exposure and lighting overall.


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