Photo Safari View From My Bedroom

This was my favorite photo from the first assignment. I am standing in my bedroom in my loft apartment in St. Louis, Mo. The time is about 6:30am when the sun began to lighten the sky. The shapes of the art and posters on my wall are varied and I love the arrangement, obviously since I chose them myself. I love the colors and the arrangement of the photo. I am glad that I chose to include the mirror on the left, since you can see some shapes from the reflecting blinds and window across. It gives the photo some more space and interesting elements. I am also glad that the pillows and a strip of the bed is included at the bottom. It probably could be improved by if I were able to walk backward through the wall and include even more information, or closing in on a section of the photo. Also if the lighting was more even or the tones could have been edited to improve or make a great different version.

Sarah Cifelli

Sarah Cifelli


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