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Athletics are legit

Sports photography is such a unique genre of photography. Aside from feature and news and portraits, sports in particular carries a lot of weight in every form. It can be a very essential part of a culture, its flesh and blood, and so imperative to its pride, and its outcome so determining, it’s almost like war, but so much more meaningful; a battle of skill down to the last drop of sweat, yet a sort of friendship and alliance in every way with the opposing team. If sport stays true to its name, it is certainly a most perfect form of human interaction, and sports photography helps capture every element of sports that makes it legit.

Soccer World Cup Moment

Photo by Yuri Cortez from the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Sports Illustrated

And with something like the soccer world cup and the recent cricket world cup, the photographs capture some of the most decisive moments that people will cherish forever, like this first Argentina goal against Mexico. And if photography is testimony, sports is where it is best understood as such, a reminder, proof, a treasure in every way to account for a winning moment, or a proud moment of skillful demonstration, or a mere lucky streak, whatever the case. In every way, sports photography is legit.

Sometimes I miss being the person running on the field, experiencing those moments of pride and disappointment as the player.





Amazing Work by Robert Seale

This picture was taken by Robert Seale. Since I really enjoyed the sports assignment, I thought I would blog about another famous sports photographer. Pictured is quarterback Chris Simms. I love everything about this photo. Seale could have not gotten better light. That sunset is gorgeous. Even though it looks like Simms was posed like that, I still enjoy this photo. My favorite part about this picture is in the background, you can make out the shadow of a longhorn. I think that is just the coolest. I like how the shadow of the longhorn is there to symbolize school pride of the Texas Longhorns. I love football and anything that has to do with it. Robert Seale has done a lot of great work. Check out this website of some of his amazing pictures, you won’t be disappointed.


Start Spreading the News…

Full disclosure: I was born and raised in New York and have been a Yankees fan all my life. So, part of my reasoning in picking this picture is that I, in true Yankee fan fashion, enjoy being a jerk about how kick-butt my team is in an effort to antagonize the Cardinals/Cubs fans I come in contact with. But that of course is not my only reason.

My real reason for choosing this photo is that it is a fairly good example of waiting for the right moment to make a picture. And this moment is perfect, especially given the context. This shot was taken during a game against the Boston Red Sox. For those who don’t know, there is something of an epic rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox. When the two play each other, things get a little tense, which means things actually get interesting (despite my love of the Yankees, I cannot lie that baseball is one of the most boring sports to watch. But it is better than golf. Watching golf is the worst. But I digress…). This was game three of a three game series in 2004, and the Yankees were going for the sweep. The game was in extra innings at this point, so things were awesome tension wise. So top of the 12th, Boston has two outs, when Trot Nixon hit to the left, just behind third base. If the ball had dropped, Boston would have scored, surely ending the game and destroying the sweep. So Derek Jeter ran from shortstop and dove for the ball, flying over the photographers’ pit and landing in the stands. He made the catch, but got so banged up from his spectacular play that he had to leave the game. The Yankees went on to win the game and swept the series against Boston.

This picture has become iconic for Yankees fans. The photographer who took it not only managed to capture Jeter airborne, but captured Alex Rodriguez’s shock and the ump calling it a fair ball. It is an excellent sports action shot of a particularly rare occurrence that, with proper context, tells the story and expresses the atmosphere of that game quite accurately. I would have loved it if the photographer Jeter is jumping over had managed to get a shot of this, but I think this other photo is a pretty decent example of sports photojournalism. It tells the story and is something interesting. It works.

Go Yankees.



Bill Martin, Sports Illustrated Website

As I was scanning through the Pictures of the Week on, this photo caught my attention right off the bat. First off, I was a little surprised to see horse racing on the Sports Illustrated website at all. I always figured they were a magazine dedicated to main-stream sports with little to do with those not as popular. The thing that most caught my attention about this photo, however, was the angle. It almost looks as if Bill Martin, the photographer, was inches away from being trampled by the horses. Martin definitely caught the moment as he clicked the shutter just as those horses were in mid-stride. Such a fleeting moment struck me and as I looked at this photo I knew the moment only lasted a split second before the horses galloped past guided by the jockeys. I can see where taking lots of photos at once would be extra helpful in situations like these. The punctum of this photo, for me, is all the dirt and residue flying towards the camera. That small detail adds just a little something extra and really intensifies the scene.

Spring is Just Around the Corner

I found this picture on STLtoday. com website. It goes along with our new assignment for general news. This picture was taken by a Cardinals fan in January at one of the Cardinals Caravan at Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL. I really like this picture because I love the Cardinals, especially Freese and I can not wait for opening day at Busch. I really like when teams take time out to get to meet their fans as well as sign and take pictures with them.  This picture has great human elements, you can see the amount of fans that came out to support and see there favorite team. I also really like how you can see the little boy and girl getting ready to meet the players while there dad stands by taking pictures. This picture just gets me really excited about spring being just around the corner, which means baseball season is about to start! GO CARDS!!

4th and 2

I love sports photography its just so cool how photographers catch some of the most important but fastest moments in a game… if i could take professional pictures i would want to be a sports photographer.. mostly because I have played sports my whole life but there is always so much feeling and emotion in sports its great for any kind os picture use. The agony ,defeat,victory, teamwork… most all human emotion can be seen in sports games. This picture is a gasp hold you breath type moment.. did he score, get stopped, win or lose the game. It is a showing of great effort and love for the game.

The Coliseum

This picture was taken by Al Messerschmidt. It is a picture of the Jacksonville Jaguars Football stadium before their game against the Tennessee Titans (my favorite team). I chose this picture because i shows how big football is how it resembles the old days of Rome and the Coliseum. The struggle for victory and  heartbreak of death (lose a game). The venues are just as extravagant as they were in those old days. Also football is extremely close to my heart so i love pictures of it. I wanted something different than your normal player or fan picture I wanted some thing that would show the scale of football.


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