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True Emotion

This picture shows so much emotion between these two soldiers. Emotion like this is hard to capture on camera. For this next project about emotion, is all about anticipation for the moment. I am excited to see what kinds of emotion I can capture. I’m looking forward to this starting this project. The one thing that I love about emotion is that it is something that a person can’t fake. You can always tell when someone is holding back how they truly feel and you can tell when they are being honest. Hopefully my pictures will capture true pure emotion like the picture above.


Photo Stories

Just one piece of the photo story, from MSNBC Website / Photo by Pablo Sanchez

Discussing photo stories in class this morning really got me thinking. What inspires other photographers? What stories do they make using their photos? In order to look for more photo story examples and (hopefully) do some digging about what kinds of things other photographers have told stories about, I came across a recent photo story hosted by MSNBC.  This photo was featured in a photo story shot by not just one photographer, but by many. The angle? Earth Hour, an international block of time designated to shutting off the light and saving power.

This particular photo was taken in Singapore, though different MSNBC photographers from cities all over the world sent in their photos to this story. These photos showed everything from famous buildings with their lights out (including Big Ben, the Giza pyramids, the Sydney Opera House, and more), whole cities with their windows darkened (including Shang-Hai, New York, Los Angeles, and more), and close-ups of how every-day people in their communities were celebrating the power save. Having participated in the event myself, I thought it was really interesting to see what people in other cities, states, and countries were doing at the same time as me. I also thought it was a really cool, cooperative effort in making a photo story for a world-wide event that couldn’t have possibly been photographed by one person.

CLOSE your EYes and say AHHHHH…

This photo was taken at the annual Goose FESTIVAL IN LONDON. Its a national festival they do all of the world each year, its been around for over 700 years. I thought this picture was cool, because it showed the fear and pure beauty of riding a roller coaster. The photographer captured exactly what you go through when being on a ride your feet dangling, holding on as tight as you can and hoping its over soon as you scream. The coloring of the photo is also very loud. EVen the wording on the girls clothes can be seen, like the huge, NORTH FACE across the girls shirt. I love this photo because its so real and not edited.

The Little Things

Magnum Photos

As midterms week is coming to a close, I thought I would choose a picture to relate to how I’m feeling. I found this picture, taken by Alex Webb in Mexico City, while scrolling through pages upon pages of photographs. I was looking for just the right photo to represent everything I wanted to say when I stumbled upon this one, almost by accident. It’s a simple photo taken on the street. A little girl is excited over having found a cotton candy vendor. It’s something that, in life, we would probably notice for a few seconds and then continue on with our day. However, I have a strong belief that it’s the little things in life are what make our lives. The simple things we can find joy in bring a whole new meaning into our lives. This photo has inspired me for our next and other future projects. I want my photos to capture the little things in life so that we can keep them close.

Inspiring work by Richard Avedon

This picture of Dorian Leigh,  taken by Richard Avedon is an inspiring picture. It reminds me of the point of view pictures we took at various angles and I think it also falls into the recent assignment topic of portfolio picture as well. This picture portrays Dorian Leigh in her natural element, just her looking in the mirror admiring herself. Since she was a model her appearance was a big part of her life.

There are a few things that make me really like this picture. One being that I love the fact that you can see the flowers reflect in the mirror but not her. I love her body language in this picture as well. I also like how he captured her dress, like it was flowing in the wind or something. I also like the fact that she has a very limited to no expression on her face. It makes me wonder what she is thinking about. I really enjoyed look at Avedon’s pictures. He is a very inspiring photographer.

Giraffes in love

The photographer Nick Brandt takes amazing photos of wild animals. The photo I choose from his amazing collection is an image of two giraffes.  I was happy to see this great photograph because giraffes are my favorite animals.  Not only is Brandt a talented photographer, but he is also brave because he is not afraid to get close upon wild animals to take photos.  In this photo, I like the way the giraffes are standing near each other and leaning on each other for comfort.  It looks as if the giraffes are making a heart with their body by showing the love they have for each other.  Love and warmth is seen through their eyes.  One of the giraffes is male and the other is female.  The male is on the right because of his posture; he seems more aggressive with the way he is leaning on the female giraffe.  In addition, the female giraffe on the right seems so gentle, caring and happy; I figured this with the way she is standing with her head tilted.  I made these assumptions by the way the giraffes are pose.  Furthermore, the background, such as the clouds, grass, and trees looks so astonishing; it almost looks as if it was painted. The black and bright white colors are great choices for this photo because the photo is more appealing. Overall, the picture is perfect.  The picture is alive to me, and I feel as if I’m lying on the grass nearby these giraffes on this beautiful day.

A picture worth a thousand words…

I really liked this picture because I thought it was neat how the photographer, Arcius- Azrael, zoomed in on the elephant and made the picture black and white. When I looked at the picture I got a sense of what the elephant’s personality might be. I also noticed certain characteristics on the elephant, that I have never noticed before. Such as, the kindest in his eyes and the millions of wrinkles throughout his body. I also like how its a profile of the elephants face. Normally, you never see an elephants mouth in person because they are far away or moving around, leaving it hard to catch they details of their body. Overall, I think Arcius -Azrael did a wonderful job capturing unique parts of such an amazing animal.


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