Weather in Forest Park

Ben Rahming gazes at Forest Park from a bridge in St. Louis, Missouri on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

This assignment was difficult for me simply because I wanted to convey weather without photographing extreme weather, such as rain or snow. I had taken other photos throughout the week, but didn’t feel like any of them encapsulated weather, so I went to Delmar Loop to take pictures. I had a little luck finding some photos, but one of my favorites was this picture of my friend standing on a bridge in Forest Park. My main critique is that there isn’t enough contrast in the photo, and that’s something I’ll continually be working on. Had I played with my settings a little more I would have made the subject and the surrounding boy of water “pop” a little more. Secondly, the photograph is a heavy on the left side. The heaviness is a result of me wanting to focus in on the rope, which I like because it draws one’s eyes to the subject.


Color Mood Light Texture

A power outlet hangs from a basement window of a homeless shelter in Saint Louis, MO.

This picture was taken during a community service project that I attended this past Saturday at the New City Fellowship in St. Louis, MO. I enjoyed taking this photograph because of the lighting and how much texture there was at the location. I wish I could have photographed the cobwebs surrounding the power outlet. but I felt that I had to choose between zooming in on the outlet and the entire frame. I also only took one photograph of the object, so I didn’t have any other photographs to choose from. Aside of not taking more photographs, I liked the fact that the texture is metallic and hard which corresponds well with the strong contrast of the lighting.

Pancakes for Dinner: My Point of View

My friend Jennifer and I have a weekly tradition of cooking dinner for one another; this week we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Since Jennifer is an extremely animated person, I figured taking pictures of her would be exciting. It was an emotionally charged photography session to say the least.

I have a couple of critiques concerning this photo. First, I think that the lighting is a little too dark for my liking. I should have set my camera on the aperture setting rather than the manual setting.  Next, I think I could have gotten more of her body in the frame. I noticed that in most of the pictures I took that I zoomed in on her upper half and face. Next time, I will focus more of varying the distances in which I take the pictures. Lastly, I think there could have been more color in the photographs, so that is something that I will delve more into in the next assignment. All in all, I enjoyed this photo assignment and I look forward to developing my skills!


Jennifer Rogers flips pancakes in her apartment Monday, February 6, 2012 evening in honor of “breakfast for dinner” night.


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