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I thought that this would be an easier assignment and I had lots of ideas of things to capture for emotion but trust me someone doesn’t want you taking a picture of them when they are crying or upset at all. I chose to take a picture of my roommate Maura intensely studying for a test. She is always completely silent and never wants anyone bothering her…annoyingly I started taking pictures of her and she got even more mad. I had pictures of where she was giving me glares but I ended up telling her a joke just to see if she would lighten up a little worked..I managed to have her laugh. Her face is literally saying “OMG”. It isn’t necessarily a great picture by any means but I think it does capture a good emotion. Hopefully its okay. I am glad I decided to do the funny one rather then the serious ones because they arent as fun and entertaining as happy and smiles 🙂


Memory Illustration

A cluster of printed pictures of my family and friends, this was used to show how the human brain holds all your memories overtime but some are overtaken and "covered up" due to new memories that you create everyday

So after seeing all the examples from class I had many ideas going through my head about what to do. I came up with so many ideas like overcoming alcoholism, peer pressure from teammates etc. I decided that it would be better to do something that I have alot of interest in, pictures. My favorite thing is taking as many pictures as possible to remember good times. I have an awful memory so the best way to remember things is take pictures and look back through them. My thought process was to show how the human brain keeps all the memories but over time some get “covered and forgotten behind others that are new. Hopefully everyone can understand the meeting behind my thought process 🙂

“Person At Work”

So, I didn’t think that this assignment would be very difficult but I started out by taking pictures of the head soccer coach at SLU but they ended up having off practice and every-time I went to see him he was just sitting at his desk which wasn’t very exciting. I ended up having to go to the airport to leave for Easter break so I decided it would be a good idea to take pictures that people wouldn’t have and probably wouldn’t think of, the airport. I took pictures of  even the TSA’s which they were NOT happy about, some didn’t mind and others told me to pretty much get lost, h0wever I ended up taking them. The lighting was absolutely awful! This was due to the fact that there was windows everywhere and weird reflections no matter which angle I used which sucked but I did the best I could.

Chili fest!!

Mary and her friends from the First Presbyterian church gather around the table to feast on the chili mac provided from the members of the Rotary Club in Belleville, IL on Wednesday March 28, 2012. (SLUphoto/Nicole Kent)

For this assignment I at first had no idea what to do a “news event” on at all. I saw signs for Atlas week and it turns out that one of my bosses was giving a speech about her times traveling and how it relates to working in the athletic department so of course to get brownie points and take pictures I decided to go. However, the event that was very cool and unique is the one pictured above of a Chili fest going on in Belleville, one of my really good friends is from Belleville and told me that every year they have an annual chili fest in ILL so I thought it would be a good idea to go with her since I was sure I would be the only one from our class taking pictures there. The event was at the First Presbyterian church and was put on by the members of the Rotary Club  of Belleville West in Belleville, IL. It was a really cool experience to meet all the (majority elderly people) and of course eat lots of chili 🙂


Beautiful day to be outside….

Julian Austin, a sophomore pitcher for Saint Louis University, practices her drop ball at the practice field with her coaches at the beginning of practice where she looses control of her glove because she grabbed the wrong one on the hot spring day of March 27th, 2012 in St. Louis, Mo. (SLUphoto/Nicole Kent)

Sports….sounds easy…especially being an athlete so I knew all the practice schedules for all different sports team which was nice. I try as many sports as I could. I actually have pictures of soccer, softball, field hockey, volleyball and basketball but I decided to stick with the two sports that were outside with good natural lighting so my sport pictures are of mens soccer and women’s softball. At first I had problem with motion blur but then changed my settings and waiting for good opportunities. When I was out at softball practice taking pictures I thought it would be cool to get the pitcher practicing…turns out that right when I took the picture she lost her glove mid-pitch due to the fact that it was a big glove and she must have grabbed someone else’s. I cant believe I actually caught the glove falling off her hand during the process. This was my favorite assignment…because I love action shots and sports 🙂

Field Hockey Feature

Head coach Lauren Bruce, assistant coach Kate Lipton and junior caption Lexie Lindbald discuss topics about what needs to be worked on the rest of the week at practice to better the team after the windy day of practice on Wednesday March 9th in in Fenton, Mo. (SLU Photo/Nicole Kent)

When I heard it was a “Feature” assignment my reaction was ummm what is that..I was very confused and throughout the whole assignment thought it was “someone in their element” but not. I think that I was way off in what the actual feature meant but how I took it was find people doing what they love but have a twist on it. I decided to bring the camera to field hockey practice and see if anything came to me. After practice the other captain got called over to our coaches to discuss some issues. I took this as prime opportunity to take a picture. This shows that the coaches don’t just have to be coaches but have to take care of the team in other ways. Hopefully this is somewhat a feature showing these particular people featuring other things they do besides playing and coaching 🙂

Showing your funny side!

When we got the assignment I was happy….like really excited. We could stage it…awesome!…not so much I thought that it would be easy capturing people in a certain essence but turns out its not as easy as you may think! I choose to go into my work, at the arena, and find a bunch of athletes or workers that were walking around and being funny. Kailey on the soccer team is one of the most energetic people that I know so I thought she would be perfect. I didn’t have to tell her to do anything she automatically started posing and being her goofy self. I knew athletes for SLU were nuts because I am one too, but the pictures I took really show off the personalities behind the game faces.

Kailey Pretzlaff of the Saint Louis University women’s soccer team shows off her personality and excitement to be done practice on Tuesday February 28th in the locker room hallway of Chaifetz arena in St. Lois, Mo. (SLU Photo/Nicole Kent)


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