Not so smoothe my man


My track-and-field buddy came strolling into the training room this afternoon, well it was more of a hop skip and a hobble as his friends raised him onto the taping table. the look says it all, “Why did I not look down.” James is a shot-put thrower at our University and upon leaving the practice field he rolled his ankle in a pot hole sized divot in the new track on the Med campus. Suck it up James!


It’s time to Split… Like a Banana


I was starving, and I opened the fridge and realized it has been exactly a month since my last trip to Dierbergs, and yes that is an extremely long time. So I pushed aside the butter, jelly, protein shakes and there is was… Chocolate sauce and cool whip. All I need is banana’s, Yes! I have banana’s, maybe I will have sprinkles as well, Yes! I have those. Perfect, I am very excited… Now, Banana Split time! 

double header


I was out last week at the lady Billiken’s softball match, and to be honest, there was not as much action as I thought there would be. Go figure. But I did get a good amount of photos of the other team. I chose this photograph because it was when the Bills first began their rally, you have Jessica Buschjost and her fellow teammates rooting her teammates on and you get a chance to see the crowd and umpire. I liked the layering and the the way the photograph makes your eyes wander.


The lady in the billboard was the most prominent speaker at ATLAS this year, she was the first Asian American to win a Pulitzer and she has done more things that any one I will EVER know. I liked the layering of the blues, while i exposed for the billboard and allowed for the light from the background to light the foreground.

This is my main…


This is my main man, Hassan, he works at the cafe that I work at and today was a big day for him, he got promoted to head chef! So I took the chance to take a picture of him as he prepared his first Chicken Shwarma rotisserie. I liked the colors and I liked the silverware in the background, I do not have much to say about this photo other than IT’S PERFECT.

Dirty, Smelly, and Oh-So Beautiful


So I knew I wanted to take photos of athletes for this event because I just wanted to show the dirt and grind and just elegance that is found when getting dirty, sweaty and tired. After that being said, I landed on this photo. As we all know Yousef is our class helper and has been my good friend for a year now, and it worked out as a good chance for me to prove to him that I am beginning to know what I am doing with a camera in hand. With the Camera on manual I set out for a chance to show my worth. I ingenuously decided to take photos in the racquetball courts in the Simon Rec Center (the best light possible) and it allowed for an easier shot. I took into consideration the shadows that would be created on the face and I was hoping for more of a glow on the sweat. (I wanted to make it look like those badass Gatorade commercials where the sweat just so happened to resemble the color that Gatorade looked like) but it didn’t happen. Instead I got this ugly mug to smile at me, if you notice that his left eye is squinted, it was because he took a rocket of a shot straight off the cornea, which explains his smile because he was just told that he does not have to wear an eye patch.


This project was not to bad. But it did take a good amount of time to make the right pictures and have the right aperture and ISO. I think I nailed it… (like the ball did to Yousef’s eye)

Weather was rather weary last weekend

So, this assign could have quite possibly be the most frustrating thing I have had to do in my young photographing career, and by young I mean about four-weeks-old. I must have shot a good amount of photos over a span of three days and I could not find a group of photos that were up to par. I finally ended up settling with a couple of photos I took around campus, if only we were some place where people enjoyed being outside… like maybe California. But it is what it is and I chose to try and focus on a couple of weathery type of photos like people holding coffee mugs, colorful jackets, beanies, groups of people together and people who just looked simply cold.

In this photo I really liked the fact that he wore all three colors that would generally be associated with autumn or fall. It went well with the brick background and the dead red bushes behind him.


I took advantage of a nice day before Valentines day, which was ironic to me to see that a fresh coat of ice cold powder swept into town just before the warmth and love came. Go figure. But it did allow for some beautiful images and sense of mood and light. This specific image could have been all of them; mood, light, color, love, passion, all things one can humanly experience. But to me, I chose  this picture for its light and for its loneliness. I took advantage of the dark background and if your look closely, off to the right, you see the another colorful sculpture peeping its head around the main one in focus. That to me, is beautiful.


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