The love of the game

For this assignment I decided to have my Nikon tag along with me to Tuesday night’s edition of the Cardinals game against the Cincinnati Reds. Baseball is a nostalgic and romantic experience and I was in search of finding a similar romance in the stands.

Pictured here is a pair of lovers I spotted, framed within the field. There is a gentleness in this picture and a calm notion. Overall, the emotion portrayed is a peaceful love of each other and the game itself. Nothing is quite like an evening spent at the ballpark with a loved one.

I particularly enjoy the backwards hat (brownie points Erik?) on the lady because it places the story in St. Louis and I feel like the use of depth of focus made this for a decent frame. If I could rewind time and re-do something, I would have liked to get a little lower to include his arm around her back. It would have rounded out the image a little more.



I wanted to send a contemporary message through my illustration and hopefully it is quite clear through my image.

My Photoshop skills are primitive to say the least, but conceptually, I feel like my illustration is pretty straight forward. Execution wise, it is a little jagged and could have been put together a little more smoothly. I came up with the idea because my roommate chews tobacco often, despite the noted health risks labeled on the tin. I feel like this illustration creates a paradoxical approach to the issue of chewing tobacco and the health risks associated with it.

People at Work

My summer job as a waiter has taught me that people in the restaurant biz not only work hard, but also take a ton of pride in what they do. I decided to head over to Bogart’s Smokehouse in Soulard and got a behind the scenes look at some of their prep work for tomorrow’s lunch rush they were doing as they closing for the day today.

Although I would have like to have gotten some action shots during the actual lunch hours, this is good consolation prize.

Both of the workers in the photo were laughing the entire time I was back there. They were tossing together the ingredients for Bogart’s baked beans, which include a little extra smoke meat in there. I liked their overall attitude and I think this frame captured it perfectly. They were kidding about how the beans felt in there hands.

Speaking of the hands, there is a little motion blur in there, but I think that shows they were tossing those legumes vigorously!

General News

Struggling to find a news assignment, I stumbled upon the construction crew building the new dugouts for the softball field. Perfect!

I like this shot because of the texture of the mortar being shaved of the brick and the strain in his hands. The “punctum” of the picture has to be this old man’s belt buckle. I wonder how long that man has had that horse riding across his belt for.

I feel like I got some relatively good frames out of the assignment, but all of my photos have a slight bluish hue and I’m not quite sure why. Obviously, I still have some technical ineptness with the hardware…


As a student worker in the athletic department here at SLU, I had the chance to travel to the men’s NCAA tournament game a few weeks back in Columbus, Ohio. I landed an all-access pass for the weekend and decided to wedge myself down in the photographer’s pit underneath the basket for a half of game action between the Georgetown Hoyas and Belmont Bruins. This provided a great chance to chat with professionals from the AP, Sports Illustrated, and the Washington Post.

Lighting was less than optimal at times, since some of the photographers were attached to a remote flash from the ceiling. This ruined a couple potentially awesome photos because the flash would come in at an awkward time in the frame, lighting only partially. I fiddled with some of the settings on the camera, stressing the shutter speed function so that I could maximize freezing the action in the fast-paced game.

I enjoy this particular frame because of the facial expressions on all three of the visible player’s faces. All of them are so intense, but in different ways. I wish I had a better telephoto lens during the game. All of my shots were pretty much wide frames, and it was tough to get a close-up of the action. The pros I was squatting next to had three cameras each with lenses averaging about one foot long. I feel like I could have blown this assignment out of the water with their equipment, but oh well.


Pressed for time this week, I decided to get a jump on this project on Monday. I set up a mock studio in my apartment and invited my subjects (friends) to come down and show off their million dollar smiles and personalities. At first they were hesitant in front of my intruding camera lens, but eventually they opened up.

I kept things simple with a plain white background—a fluffy white blanket—and a black and white filter in post-production. Due to a lack of professional-quality lighting and experience, I experimented with a lot of different functions on the camera. Out of all the tinkering around I did, I think the flash bailed me out the most. My first 50 or so photos sans flash were dull and left everyone’s face resembling oatmeal.

In this photo, I think I captured the essence of my roommate Murph perfectly. Plain and simple, the kid is a character. This shot came at a point when he was caught off guard, but in this impromptu moment, you can peer into his personality. The raised eyebrow, dumb smirk, flowing locks, and tipped-back cap all play a distinct role in his being. It’s tough to take this kid serious and it is tough to look at this picture with a straight face, at least for me.

I liked the simplicity of this assignment, but I truly wish I had more time to prepare for it and explore other options. My suggestion for doing a portrait set on librarians would be really interesting to execute and would be a chance to break the mold of the common interpretation of the librarian. Unfortunately, due to a pressure-packed work and school load, I will be unable to follow-up on that. So, if you’re reading this and struggling to find a focus, feel free to scoop it up and use it!


I appreciated the leniency of the assignment, but because of its broadness, it was difficult to find inspiration. I checked out the camera on Monday, hoping to get a jump on the assignment, but had to wait until Wednesday before I stumbled upon a “weather” moment.


I was rolling into my apartment complex, when I spotted this triad chilling outside enjoying this moment of brief sunshine. When I asked them if I could snap a few photos of them, the cheerfully agreed.

I’m a big fan of the shadows in this photograph and I think they play a large part in creating the frame. The sun creates a little spotlight effect on the gentleman on the right. If I could go back in time, I would have turned down the iso a little to help highlight him a little more and tone down the pair in the shadows. The one thing I do not like about his position is that he is looking out of the frame.

Overall, I think this assignment forced me to change my perspective on weather. Before, I looked at it merely as an unchangeable byproduct of mother nature. Now, I have a begun to take notice of the ways random people around me cope with it in their own peculiar ways.


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