Working Hard

I had a really grand idea for this assignment, of course with the ways of college life I wasn’t able to go through with them. Any who, for this project I decided to go see my brother Jerry at work and see what he really does at O’Reilly Auto Parts. When I came in to the store it wasn’t really busy, so I took the opportunity to take picture of the works stocking the shelves. I was actually really surprised at how silly the works acted and the crazy things that they did when the store was empty. It was kind of hard to keep up and continue snapping pictures while they were goofing around.

Top worker at O’Reilly Auto Parts on West Florissant, Jerry Washington hands a motorcycle battery to a customer on Wednesday April 4, 2012.

I really like this picture. It has the promise of O’Reilly in the background, while showing their promise in action. I also like the angle of the shot. It gives the subject that look of power and conveys that this place really is professional. However, I wish that I could have moved over and gotten the O’Reilly logo in the picture as well. It has a sort of advertisement feel to it, I think that is why i like this picture. I was fun seeing them work.




I’m sure everyone has hear about the tragic Trayvon Martin case by now. A month ago yesterday, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin was killed in his own neighborhood because he looked suspicious to the self-appointed night watchman. Today many SLU students gathered at the clock tower to rally for the justice of Trayvon.

Marching through the Saint Louis University campus midday Wednesday March 28, 2012, protestors Tiffany Alexander and Marvin Echols carry signs to display their feelings toward the Trayvon Martin murder case. (SLU Photo/Genise Sherrill)

I really like this picture because he shows the intensity of the rally and the situation. The expressions on both Tiffany and Marvin’s face show the struggle and depth of how serious the issue is. It was very sunny, so the shadows come in very strong, I do not really like them but it adds to the harshness of the photo. Also, I wish I would have moved over a little to the left to not so much center them but to cut out some of the other protestors. That does add background character to the photo, but I think it would have been a little bit better to just focus on them. I could have also bent down a little bit more to get them at a more powerful angle. That would express the strength in the situation and show the power behind the rally.


Did I really take that??

I got really excited with this assignment!! I had a lot of great ideas go into this homework. Of course time is NEVER on my side, so I had to scale back on some of my ideas and what I really wanted to do (maybe my photo story). I thought the fact that we were able to pose the subjects was going to make it a lot easier, but I found that some of my favorite shots came from those candid moments that happened naturally.

One of my good friends Brittany is always so photogenic so when I got the chance I instantly had to do a mini photo shoot with her. BSA (Black Student Alliance) held a constituent appreciation award night on the leap year day Feb. 29th, 2012. The event award the participation and dedication of certain members. Since Brittany always has energy I was excited to get to capture her right before she goes in for the “kill” when she hosts events.

Brittany Conners, communication chairperson for the Black Student Alliance, poses for a picture right before a constituent appreciation event in the upper floor gallery in the Pere Marquette room of DuBourg Hall at Saint Louis University on Feb. 29th, 2012.(SLU Photo/Genise Sherrill)

I really really love this picture! I fell like it would be for a watch ad or in a magazine. I like the shots where the person seems powerful and demanding the attention of the viewer and feel Brittany does just that in this shot. She always demands a room when she walks in, but it get hard trying to capture that feel, which is what I tried to do here. I like the lighting, however, I think it could have been toned down just a bit. The walls kind of give off this yellowish feel, something I could have changed with my light metering. Other than the lighting I really like the picture. Her pose is awesome and she really takes over the photo!!


STL Weather…What Can You Do About It?

Ashley Horsford quickly makes a snowball for a fun snowball fight with her friends while heavy snowfall covers the outside of the Bush Student Center at Saint Louis University on the evening of Monday Feb. 13th, 2012. (SLU Photo/Genise Sherrill)

As a Saint Louis native, when we were assigned this weather assignment I was half excited and half nervous. In the matter of days it could be snowing then 60 degrees here, so I wasn’t sure if the weather would be my friend for this assignment. I got a bright idea to go shoot during the snow storm last Monday to see if I could get pictures where I could actually see the snow fall. They turned out great. I really like this one because it shows the joy and excitement in Ashley’s face. It seems like snow can turn anyone into a little kid. As she is making the snowball the smile on her face is priceless. I was actually surprised that students were playing outside, because so many people were dressed for nicer weather. For this photo I wish I would have positioned my angle a little bit better. Maybe get lower to be “on her level” to show the lower younger view. Also, I wish I could have gotten the rest of her friends into the picture by moving the shot to the left some to show the tension among the friends during the fight. A cool photo would have been capturing someone actually throwing a snow ball or being hit by one. All in all I really did like shooting in the snow, next time I’ll remember to wear a jacket..


Curly Q’s

After hours of twisting and braiding in a Grand Forest apartment complex at Saint Louis University in midtown, Jordair Jett has a new hair do for Valentines Day. (SLU Photo/Genise Sherrill)

Doing this project on texture, light, color and mood, I found myself more drawn to shots of texture. Looking through the lens of the camera I start to see the texture in everything. As I was hanging out with some friends on Valentines Day I noticed that my friend Jordair had just gotten his hair retested as well as braided. I’m a sucker for “freshly” done hair, so I had to feel it. His hair is always so soft and whenever I try to describe it, no one seems to grasp how nice it is (It feels like new born baby hair..I know ohhhh).

I love the way his curls are shown in all different directions, it helps show the complexity of his hair. I should have zoned in on one section of his dreads or maybe the “baby curls” in the front of his hairline. The braid helps to show off the rougher texture of the dreads, but the parted scalp sections allows for the softness of his hair to come through the picture. Also, I think if It would have been more in focused it would have been better.


Candy Vase

A candy filled vase towers over a table at the SLU NAACP Candy Land Semi-Formal late Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, in the St. Louis Room in midtown at Saint Louis University. (SLU Photo/Genise Sherrill)

Testing…Ok so I think I’m on!

Taking pictures is super easy, until your teacher tells you “to compose, then expose.” The phrase seems so simple…so I thought! As some one who thinks that they have an eye for photos, I found this phrase was really hard to follow when I was out shooting my first point-of-view assignment. I’m thinking come on it can’t be that hard can it? Little did I know it was hard.

I decided to scope out the scene before I started snapping away so I didn’t look foolish. The scene was nothing other than an a party! I hit up the SLU NAACP Candy Land Seme-Formal. Seemed like a good mix, dancing, fun and pictures. Before I “cut a rug” (as the old folks would say) on the dance floor, the candy filled vases caught my eye. I do have a sweet tooth, BUT I knew this was no time for fooling around and decided to take on this candy decoration as my subject.

I really liked all the colors that were incorporated in the center pieces. As I was taking the pictures I thought it would be really cool to make the vase seem as if it was “larger than life”. I decided the licorice vase would compliment the vase and make it look taller. I really liked the confetti on the take so I choose to add that as contrast to the black table cloth. Hope this picture got your sweet tooth jumping! (If you were wondering the party was bomb!)


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