“Frozen” Illustration


Completely spaced on writing my corresponding blog for the Photoshop illustration assignment….so this is a little late, oops! Anyways, for my illustration photo I used a picture taken during the first snowfall of the season in Forest Park.  I happened to be on my way home from work, and sitting in the I-64 traffic jam that always occurs at 6:00pm I noticed how pretty the trees in Forest Park looked with the snow sticking to the branches.  I made a split second decision and took the next exit to run and capture snowy images.  It worked out perfectly that i had my camera with me that day since I’d been using it to take pictures for the “person at work” assignment. I got a lot of really cool images, but I loved this one with the three men fishing. I used the coloring tools to create a “Northern Lights” effect on the pond, and sharpened the glow from the street lamps off in the distance. Finally, I posterized the snowy grass in the bottom of the frame and several bushes along the backside of the pond, too.  I like the colors that give the illusion of the “Northern Lights”, but enjoy that the silhouettes of the men are not overwhelmed by the Photoshop edits.




This is a picture of one of my managers at the Gap in the Galleria, Owen Koester, folding jeans on Monday, Nov. 17. I captured this photograph during my break, while my other co-workers were on the floor. I like this photograph because it showcases a daily activity of any Gap employee.  Anyone in the retail industry would recognize this activity, and I like how the stacks of jeans and mannequin add to the ambiance of the photograph. It’s a bit washed-out, but the store lighting isn’t really conducive to taking photos, and I was also using a fast shutter speed to capture Owen’s movements. However, overall I like the photograph and framing of the subject.


Kerins_sport 1

I attended the SLU vs SIUE hockey game on Friday, Nov. 7, which the Billikens won 4-3, for my sports assignment! It was a close game, very back-and-forth, so the intensity level of the players and coaches were high. This shot, although a bit dark and grainy, is my favorite of the entire shoot.  I had trouble with the terrible lighting in the arena (fluorescent lights are lovely) and the clear plexiglass screen surrounding the rink presented several challenges while photographing. Luckily, another photographer was at the game, and I watched him as he placed the camera lens right on the clear screen in order to remove the glare from the barrier. I followed his lead and was able to capture some great shots, even though my fingers were numb by the conclusion of the game!



My photos for this “News” assignment happened on accident. I had originally photographed the morning mass at College Church, and then headed to the BSC to grab breakfast and use the wi-fi to upload the pictures on Tuesday morning. However, just as I was leaving the BSC to head over to Xavier, I noticed several girls setting up a table and breakfast treats. I walked over and asked what they were selling, and where the profits were going, and bought a donut. After talking with them for a few minutes, I asked if I could take pictures of them tabling.  They agreed, and I loved the pictures of the Zeta bake sale so much more than the ones I had originally taken, that I decided to use them instead.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch. It is from a unique angle, but a viewer can understand what’s occurring from the girls standing behind a table, and the price sign hanging off the edge. The only thing I noticed about this photo, and a good number of my other photos, is that I have a really bad tendency to cut people’s heads off in the frame. It’s something I need to be more conscious of, and work to correct.

Kerins- Feature


I have a tendency to wait and wait for the perfect shot, only to wait too long and miss perfect pictures. I like this image because I snapped the image before I had time to even think about what Anna was going to do next, if I needed to wait for more steam to rise off the pasta, etc. I feel like I’m always anticipating a better picture, and then end up with pictures that don’t capture the moment well. I need to work on following my instinctive reaction when out taking pictures.  The steam rising from the bowl shows up much better than I anticipated, and it gives the photo a “real-ness” that captures the process of making pasta, and the essence of cooking. I also like how the background is dark; it allows the focus to be on Anna and not have her competing with objects that may have shown up if the photo had been taken earlier in the day when there was more natural light.

Kerins Portrait


I photographed my friend Adam Dirnberger for my portrait assignment.  Adam was a willing subject, but we both found it to be difficult to poise for and take photos for a portrait.  Trying to snap candid pictures of another person who knows that the camera is pointed directly at them creates an uncomfortable tension between photographer and subject.  Luckily, I got Adam talking about his day, classes, meetings, and etc. which gave him something to focus on instead of the camera.  Most of the better images in my roll were taken once Adam began to converse.  I’m really please with this particular image, especially since Adam’s relaxed body language reflects his personality. The background is interesting, but not so much that the viewer only sees the trees/ building.  I know that images aren’t suppose to cut off body parts, however I felt like this image had a different feel, even though the image cuts off part oh his head.

Kerins- Color, Light, Mood, Texture


I captured this image of two girls sitting inside Coffee Cartel late on Tuesday evening.  This photo evokes the mood of a coffee-house at night – low lights, quiet, and lots of open textbooks. I feel like the image angle draws the viewer in, like a passerby who would look in the window and see this setting.  I had to play around with my shutter speed in order to capture as much light as I could since it was 10:00pm at night.  I had to be very patient and steady while shooting this week. I enjoyed taking photos at night; it poised a challenge, but it also taught me how to adjust the settings in order to compensate for that shortcoming.


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