I struggled with submitting this photo because I feel like its flirting with the line of documentary photojournalism…but it was documentary I promise. This was taken a few hours after my sister Brittney and I ran the Go! Saint Louis Half Marathon on Sunday. She was talking to my other friend about how excited she was and how she couldn’t believe she did it and she turned to me holding up her fingers in what she thought was 13.1 to show how many miles it was… and I took this picture. She would kill me if she knew I was using it for class…but I’m not going to tell her so it doesn’t matter. Because I took it so fast I had to adjust the light a bit on her face. It was difficult because the background was so dark and I hope it doesn’t make her look too washed out.




Gaillota_illustration_1.jpg: Illustration showing the "separation" of church and state. (Flag picture taken from Monster thinking-
http://www.monsterthinking.com/2011/07/22/monster-5-for-friday-captain-america-edition/) (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

Trying to keep it simple… I decided to try to illustrate the separation of church and state and the blurry division that sometimes exists between the two. I set up and photographed two bibles and a rosary just in my apartment with natural light from a window. In photoshop I layered that with a picture of the american flag found on Monster Thinking. I tried to work with the images in photoshop and after a lot of messing around this is what I came up with. I wanted to merge both images but still be able to tell what each part was. 


Person At Work


Ted Wood, a painting professor at SLU, hangs his student's work for a critique on Monday, April 2, 2012 in Saint Louis, Mo. (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

For the person at work assignment I photographed Ted Wood, a painting professor and my mentor in Arts and Science. I thought he would be an interesting subject because his job is interactive and doesn’t involve a desk at all. I chose this picture because not only does it show Ted, his students, and some of their work, but the perspective of the lines of the hall all seem to point at the subject itself. I hope Erik isn’t mad that it is a vertical shot :/ my excuse is that the hallway didn’t really allow for me to do a horizontal one.

General News


A crowd of people gather Monday, March 28, 2012 outside of the BSC on SLU's campus, as the Indian Student Association performs a flash mob in Saint Louis, Mo. (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

About an hour before the first ever flash mob happened on SLU’s campus I got told about it so I figured that counted as general news. I’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob but I guess getting prior knowledge of it and getting to take pictures of one comes pretty close. It was performed by the Indian Student Association at SLU and was pretty impressive! I was impressed how many people were involved and they drew a pretty big crowd. I like the angle of the photo and it gives a pretty good feel of the dancers and the crowd. (I thought the flowers were also pretty.) 



Chuck Melton (#22) and Clayton Braun (#13,) laugh as they collide, while Steve Reisenbichler (#26) yells for his teammates attention on Tuesday, March 20,2012 during a scrimmage between members of the St. Louis Rugby Rams in Saint Louis, Mo. (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

For the sports assignment I wanted something away from mainstream sports so I went to a scrimmage between members of the St. Louis Rugby Rams. The event was part of the (dis)ability awareness week here at SLU and it was pretty incredible to watch. It was extremely loud when they crashed their wheelchairs into each other but only one got tipped and apparently that’s no big deal and happens all the time. It was incredible to watch but kind of hard to get serious “action” photos because they are obviously seated the whole time. I like this picture because of the emotion in the players faces but I could have done a better job with the lighting. It seems a little orange to me. I’m glad I got to see this first hand though!


Kristin Massey spent her afternoon on Thursday, March 8, 2012 with dog "Dash" at the "Pause for Pups" fundraiser on SLU's campus in Saint Louis, Mo. She was part of an effort to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

I saw this opportunity for a feature after I had finished the assignment (of course) but I think the strong human element in this is better than some of the other pictures I took so I’m using it. This girl, Kristin Massy and a few others had some dogs as part of a “Pause for Pups” campaign to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. You made a donation and got to spend some time playing with the dogs. I liked this one because the dog, Dash is looking at the camera but there is also a clear connection between the two of them. I wish the other girl wasn’t looking so unhappy in the background though :/  Also I had to crop it pretty close to the top of the girls head because of there was a huge, ugly structure behind her. Maybe if I had shot from a higher angle I wouldn’t have had that problem.


Performers in the "Fat Tuesday" Mardi Gras Parade entertained the crowd on Feb. 21, 2012 as it made it's way down Washington Avenue in St. Louis, Mo. (SLU Photo/Ashley Gaillot)

Like a lot of the class it seems, I didn’t really know what to do with this assignment because the weather wasn’t very dramatic…but since Erik said Mardi Gras pictures counted I used that to my advantage. I didn’t make it down to Soulard for the parade but last night I got to watch the one on Fat Tuesday down on Wash Ave and that’s where this pic is from. It’s an ariel shot taken from a window above the parade.
I wish it was clearer but I was pretty high and couldn’t get it in the best focus. I waited until one of the performers walked into the spotlight and I thought her shadow cast on the ground was interesting. However, the light threw the other two people into really dark and I wish you could see them better. The whole thing is a little dark and I had a hard time compensating for that but it was fun anyway.
In regards to weather, it was just nice for all those people to finally have a Mardi Gras that wasn’t freezing cold. A lot of people were able to go out and enjoy the mild weather and it made for great people watching!


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