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Danny Brennan (photo safari)


We were given the opportunity to go out and take pictures of what ever we wanted. So I decided to head to the baseball field and take pictures of the team practicing. This picture is of two players playing some long toss. What I really like about this photo is the layering, with one player in the front, the outfield grass, the wall, and then the background. I really think it all comes together in that aspect. One thing that I think would make this photo better is if I had a faster shutter speed so I could capture the ball in better focus.

Achraf Yacoubou – (Frozen Illustration)


In the illustration photo I attempted to capture an image that shows something that is very cold and I was able to to this by taking this picture of the snow on the ground from a birds eye view. I like this photo because you can see the shoe prints on the ground that students made while going to class and obviously it shows that some of the shoe prints are turned to ice and is frozen on the ground.

Eric Sage- News

Residents of the Shaw Neighborhood protest in anticipation of a Grand Jury Verdict in the case of Mike Browns Shooting by Officer Wilson. During a protest on south Grand Ave, a Metro bus attempted to turn around due to a blocked intersection on Grand And Shaw. The Bus subsequently broke down obstructing the street for three hours.

Eric Sage- Sports

break awayI selected this Image because it illustrates the competitive nature of two athletes during a break away. While other players have long since given up on this play. these two young men continue to fight for the ball. The young man in blue is a Division one athlete at Saint Louis University and during the time of this photograph he was just two weeks away from having major surgery on his knee.

Eric Sage- Person at Work

chef sungChef Sung Min Lee, Prepares Sake No Kunsi, Cold Smoked Salmon. His brother and Su Chef Sung Se Lee observes. I choose this photograph because Japanse sushi masters, Such as Chef Sung, think of their food and presentations as works of art. The brothers spend hours in preparation prior to the first customer and preparation takes even longer when specialty fish arrive. This image was selected to show the passing of information, teaching, and the time that goes into learning the art of sushi.

Michael DiMaria

IMG_0025This was a good one to edit because the cigaret was in the bush which made it fun to move around.  The contrast between the snow and bush made a nice background for the over all photo.

Dylan Devine – Illustration Blog


I have some experience with photoshop and I still had difficulty with this project. I think I was trying to make it look like it was ice reflecting the sun, but I ended up just blowing out the lights a little to much. Given more time I think I could have come up with something much better for this one.

Rachel Moylan-Illustration


Photoshop has always seemed allusive to me.  It is the program that gets tossed around a lot in my major, but I could never really understand all the intricacies the program has to offer.  More often then not, teachers would assume everyone already knew how to use the software when in reality most students had to learn from self teaching.  I found this assignments extremely helpful.  It was the first time that someone knowledgeable in the craft had taken the time to teach the basic essentials of the program.  In just learning a few simple techniques, the entire program does not seems as allusive and daunting.  I hope that the simple techniques I learned will help me learn more intricate parts of the system.

In regards to this photo, I like it.  It does appear too outlandish or unbelievable.  I think that to an untrained eye if could pass as an unaltered photograph.  I am happy with the final result.  Of course I wish to learn more within the realm of photoshop, but I believe this is a great starting point and I am happy with the outcome.

Frozen- Liz Stark

My frozen illustration was something I thought was very fun and challenging. I really liked having to go out and take pictures on the spot. It was fun and made me have to think creatively with what I had available. I feel like that’s a great skill to have.

I definitely struggle with the photoshop part of the assignment. Photoshop is a program that I am not very familiar with and was definitely hard to work with. It is something that is going to take a lot of practice and time just to master what all of the tools do. I ended up keeping my picture pretty simple, but I think it ended up turning out pretty cool. This inspired me to start working on learning how to use photoshop effectively. 0796dadac20cb19b6067a03ca369da88_large

Alexander Vavra – Frozen Illustration


For the frozen illustration my goal was to capture the concept of overwhelming cold. Therefore, I attempted to provide a worm’s eye view to show the viewer a view that would be unique – the point of view of the grass. I want the viewer to identify with the grass, since the grass seems overwhelmed with the snow (cold) and is trying to push through the cold. I really enjoyed the editing portion of this assignment, for I learned some new tricks in adjusting the black and white function. I used this tool because the lack of color makes the picture seem more cold and as if the white snow is dominant.


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