Illustration-Sarah Roberts

RobertsS_Photo Illustration

For my Illustration photo, I used a photo that I had taken for another assignment.  I used a photo of a man sleeping on a park bench in Forest Park.  I wanted to make the photo look a little bleak, since the subject is not a particularly happy one.  So I used some tools to isolate the man on the bench and change the background around him.  I did a little editing on the color and saturation of the original photo to make the background more vibrant and have more contrast, and then I converted it to black and white so that only the man was in color.  I wanted him to again be the focal point of the photo, and also show a contrast between the environment and the subject.  I had originally wanted to make the man in black and white and leave the background in color, but he faded away too much to the point that you could barely notice him in the photo.  I think this end result communicates the message I had intended-that there is a sense of isolation and sadness being communicated in the picture.


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