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Aspen Steiner-Frozen


For my illustration I chose to photograph and edit the nativity scene outside the business school by the pond. I ended up taking two pictures and cutting a cow and a shepherd from one picture and including it in the other, as demonstrated here. I really enjoyed working with photoshop and think I picked up some pretty handy techniques for editing pictures. If I had more time I think I could have worked the shepherd into the scene much better, but I think I did a pretty good job on the cow. While this whole image may not necessarily convey the idea of “frozen” I think it has some components that do.

Katie Kane-Illustration


For my “frozen” illustration my first instinct was to try to capture images that contained snow and/or ice and then bring them together. Luckily, the day we did this shoot in class it had just snowed out and was freezing, so there was plenty of snow and ice to go around. I found this camel in the nativity scene by the Business school pond and it already had a very nice coating of cold snow on its head. I also took a picture of icicles that had formed along an electric box by the clocktower steps. Once in photoshop, I simply brought over the icicles from the electric box and put them onto the camel’s face in a believable way. I also resized them slightly so that they would seem to fit in with the proportions of the camel itself. While I’m pleased with the result, I wish that I had been able to do a few more small things to add to the overall idea of “frozen.” I would like to bring down the vibrance and saturation just a bit to make it seem a bit more monotone, as well as burn the edges a bit. I would also bring up the blue hues slightly as well to convey frozen even more. Overall, I’m pleased with how my illustration turned out and the fun techniques I got to practice using.


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