Rachel Moylan-Person at work and Sports


This photo is my best representation of the assignment.  It incorporates all the necessities to capture a person at work.  It relays all the important factors to show the viewer a glimpse of life working at a frozen yogurt company.  I love the clarity and decisive moment captured in the photo.  You can see the employee at work cutting up strawberries to refill the topping bar.  Another characteristic about this photo I adore is the sharp contrast of the white in the background to the blue of the employee uniform.  It is that crisp color change that drawers the view in and focuses the attention.

I wish that the employee, Malcolm, was in the process of cutting a strawberry.  This added element would not leave the viewer to search for the carton of strawberries in the lower left corner but clue them in faster to what fruit he is cutting.  Other than this small aspect I do love this photo.  I made a conscious decision to capture from the neck down.  I believe this focuses more to the work aspect of the assignment.


I am slightly obsessed with this photo.  I believe it beautifully illustrates layering.  With the opposite team in the background and single player in the front it showcases the pitcher in the middle ground.  I also love how clear the action is stopped.  The pitch is such an intricate part of softball, I am glad that I was able to successfully capture this important step of the game.

To make this photo truly great, I wish the ball could have already have been released by the pitcher.  I think this small change to the photo would have allowed the viewer to think pass the photo and move along with the speed of the game.


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