Katie Kane-Person at Work


I absolutely love the way this photo turned out. As we talked about in class, it can be hard to capture photographs of a person at work that show more than just the same thing over and over again and to show a new perspective to what we usually consider pretty basic things. I chose to photograph one of my residents who works at Starbucks because I knew that she would be okay with me photographing her and it being a little bit of an awkward situation. Since she already knows me pretty well it allowed her to continue her work like I wasn’t even there, which helped me capture natural photographs and genuine emotion and realistic work activity. I particularly like the layering in this photograph between the cup and the Starbucks apron with the logo in the background to help provide some context. I also liked the tilt of the cup in relation to the frame; I think it adds a little bit of the unexpected to the photo. If I could change anything I would have taken the picture during the day when I could have gotten a little bit more natural light. I also would have gotten just a little bit closer to get the entirety of the cup in the frame and bring the focus onto the cup even more. Overall I think this shoot went pretty well.


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