Rachel Moylan- Feature and General News

I believe I forgot to blog about my feature story, no matter this post will have double the photographic power.



For my feature story I choose to document the atmosphere of midterms.  Midterms is a hectic time of the semester.  I wished to document the urgency of learning.  This photo really stood out to me.  I love the busyness in colors and objects found within the photo.  The point of entry is definitely Grace, the subject.  From Grace we are clued into different things.  We can tell that she is a dedicated student who is hoping to do well on her coming midterms.  There is a great depth of field within this photograph.  I love how their is a definite entrance into the photo, Grace.  Then the viewer can move about the photo, grasping the setting.  To make this photograph better I wish I had captured more of Grace’s face.  In seeing her face I believe the viewer would have more insight into the stressful period of midterms.


With my general news photographs I decided to shoot the SLU Club Volleyball Team’s home tournament.  I believe this photo to be my best found within the assignment.  I think this picture captures the team’s unity and overall fondness for both volleyball and each other.  I like the simplicity of this photograph.  It is very geometrical and pleasing to the eye.  The lines and the team circle create shapes which draws the reader in.  From this picture the view can tell they are an indoor sports team.  To make this photograph better I would have like to get a volleyball in the photograph.  This way the viewer would know for sure what sport is being played.




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