My photos for this “News” assignment happened on accident. I had originally photographed the morning mass at College Church, and then headed to the BSC to grab breakfast and use the wi-fi to upload the pictures on Tuesday morning. However, just as I was leaving the BSC to head over to Xavier, I noticed several girls setting up a table and breakfast treats. I walked over and asked what they were selling, and where the profits were going, and bought a donut. After talking with them for a few minutes, I asked if I could take pictures of them tabling.  They agreed, and I loved the pictures of the Zeta bake sale so much more than the ones I had originally taken, that I decided to use them instead.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch. It is from a unique angle, but a viewer can understand what’s occurring from the girls standing behind a table, and the price sign hanging off the edge. The only thing I noticed about this photo, and a good number of my other photos, is that I have a really bad tendency to cut people’s heads off in the frame. It’s something I need to be more conscious of, and work to correct.


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