Assignment 4-Portrait


For this assignment I wanted to photograph someone that I already knew, because I thought that it would be easier in that I could be more freely awkward about taking pictures with them. However, it was also challenging in getting someone I knew to agree to have portraits taken because they knew that I was going to be using their photo in a class. I ended up taking portraits of my mom, and overall I think they went really well. I particularly like this photo because I think it sums up my mom in just a picture. I knew that I didn’t want to force her to not smile in her portrait, because she is naturally a very happy person and spends most of her time smiling anyways; I wanted to capture that sense of contentment and joy that she brings with her everywhere she goes, and I think the slight smile in this photo captures that perfectly. I also like this one because it features one of our family dogs, and my mom’s life basically revolves around her kids and her dogs; I think having Bubba (the dog) in this photo helps add another element to this photo without taking focus off of my mom. Finally, I think the shallow depth of field worked well on this photo and the nondescript background wasn’t that distracting either. To improve this portrait I wish that I would’ve gone for an even plainer background to draw even more focus on the subject’s eyes. I also wish that I would have asked her to put her head slightly higher up so that her face is fully visible. Overall however I am really pleased with how everything turned out.


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