Katie Kane-Color, Mood, Light, Texture


For this week’s assignment I tried to challenge myself more and take some more risks than I have on the past 2 shoots, and I think that it paid off. With this picture in particular I loved how in-your-face and out of place this brightly colored bounce house looked, as well as the interaction between this obviously man-made object and the natural monochromatic landscape behind it. I considered a shot that had more of the rest of SLUfest going on to give the bounce house some context, but it ended up looking very busy and sort of drowned out any individual area from being the main focus and was a little bit overwhelming visually. I really like how this picture turned out, but to make it even better I wish that I would’ve gone for just a little bit more and maybe turned my camera to the left just a little more to capture more of the industrial backdrop of the city and utilize the rule of thirds to more effect as well. I think getting down just a little lower and tilting the camera slightly up more also would have helped add to the larger-than-life feel that the bounce house had and could take this photo to the next level.


1 Response to “Katie Kane-Color, Mood, Light, Texture”

  1. 1 sluphojo October 3, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    funky frame, love it.

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