Katie Kane-Point of View


This assignment was a little bit challenging for me. I really wanted to incorporate human subjects into my photos, but certain angles are rather unflattering to some people and can make getting a good shot a bit difficult. I chose this photo overall because of the interaction of a few different elements. I really liked how the wide angle was able to sort of “set the scene” and help viewers feel as though they were also emerging from a dark tunnel into the sea lion exhibit at the zoo. I also really liked how the top arch of the exhibit provided a natural frame for the photo. The stark contrast in light between the underwater tunnel and the cave also served as a nice point of entry and I think helps draw viewers immediately into the center of the picture. I also liked the way that the camera picked up the perspective of being underwater and helped provide a bit more of a unique perspective than one usually gets. However, to improve the picture I would have moved just a little bit further back in the tunnel so that there is more of a visual build-up to emerging into the light instead of just the archway. I think this little extra distance would have gone a long way in making the photo great instead of just pretty good. I also wish that I would’ve tried a few other combos of shutter speed/F-stop/ISO, because the picture looks a little underdeveloped to me and I think the color loses a little bit of its vibrancy because of it. I am also looking forward to being able to do some minor edits on photos now that we have learned how to do some basic color correction in Photoshop with RAW images, and I will definitely also use that to my advantage to help take a good picture and make it great.


1 Response to “Katie Kane-Point of View”

  1. 1 sluphojo September 26, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Well said, but the underexposure works here — it adds a contrast and a crispness to the color.

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