Sarah Roberts-Everyday Art


During the photo safari assignment,we were assigned to follow the light so I went to Forest Park to take some pictures of my favorite paths and footbridges.  I went at noon because I knew that the sun would be high and would make all the trees cast really interesting shadows.  Of all my photos, I thought  this photo was really interesting because of the curve of the metrolink path in the background and the rusty color of the bridge.   I think it is an interesting point of view and the layering of the backgrounds is also pretty cool.  The thing I think could be improved about this photo is the lighting.  The top of the photo looks a little pixel-y and possibly overexposed.  The blue of the sky in the background is also not as vivid as it could be, meaning that the shutter speed and aperture were probably not correct.  Overall, I think it is an interesting photo and could be improved upon by changing the exposure and lighting overall.


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