Rachel Moylan-Photo Safari


Out of my five photos this one appeals to me the most.  I find it to be organized chaos.  The photograph is filled; there are numerous lines, angles, and dimensions.  I find the busyness of the photograph works in its favor.  I believe this causes the observer to stop and truly look at the picture.  Construction scaffolding is not a common occurrence.  It takes a moment for the brain to figure out the setting and location of the photograph.  The photo is mesmerizing.  I consider the lighting, colors, movement, and shadows of the photograph to be crisp and sharp.  I believe all comes together to create a unusual and unexpected photograph.

What would truly make this photograph great would be more human content.  I wish more construction workers had been working at the time.  I feel as though more human interaction within this photograph would appeal to the observer.  I also believe more neon green shirts would add to the brightness of the photo.  In order to obtain some workers in the picture, I feel as though I had to sacrifice seeing the top of the building.  I think seeing the blue sky would give the observer some perspective and contrast to the many lines and angles of the scaffolding.


1 Response to “Rachel Moylan-Photo Safari”

  1. 1 sluphojo September 18, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    This is a killer frame, which wouldn’t necessarily be helped by the blue sky. More people, sure that might work, but as is this is a really sweet image.

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