Katie Kane-Photo Safari


With this assignment, I really wanted to take the chance to experiment and get creative with the photos I took. I personally am really drawn to photos that show everyday things in a new way, so I tried to do that with this task. I am particularly pleased with the way this photo turned out for a few reasons. Getting the right balance of light with a large aperture was a bit difficult, but I think that the focus on the flower in contrast to the blurry background really helps it to pop. I also like the color contrast, particularly the yellow center of the flower which also serves as a great point of entry as it catches your eye immediately. I think this photo also has some layering going between the flower in the forefront and the business school in the background. I also really like how nature is by itself very symmetrical and graphically pleasing to the eye, which it makes very easy to snap an image that is visually striking. I think the picture could be made better by getting even closer in on the flower and letting it completely fill the frame. I also think it could be improved through a little bit more light on the flower. This could be done by going out during a different time of the day and trying to experiment with different exposures. Overall I really enjoyed playing around with the camera and experimenting with different settings, and I’m looking forward to growing more proficient as the semester progresses.


1 Response to “Katie Kane-Photo Safari”

  1. 1 sluphojo September 18, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    All points well said here, nice.

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