Austin McBroom- Chipotle is my life !




1 Response to “Austin McBroom- Chipotle is my life !”

  1. 1 sluphojo September 25, 2014 at 1:17 am

    I really enjoyed this photo because it happened natually. I was out taking pictures before I got hungry and walked into Chipotle. After I bought my food, I was getting ready to walk out the door until my phone rang. I had a bunch of things in my hands which caused me to place the Chipotle bag on the table so I could answer the phone. As I was on the phone, thats when I had a vision of the picture before I captured it. I am also a fan of depth of feild, I love how focused the chipotle bag is as the background goes blurry. I also like this photo becuase food is involved, I have a big place in my heart for food. I really think people should take photos of things they really enjoy.

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