The slippery slope of cowardice…

So, this Sunday, my plan was to head down to the marathon after church to get some great photos of runners nearly passing out as they crossed the finish line. (well, a guy can hope, right?) But I ended up napping the day away. This lackadaisical attitude apparently continued until today, which was a day that I felt I had three or four great opportunities for photo shoots, which is odd for me because Wednesday’s aren’t an open night for me. However, other plans fell through and I walked around campus all afternoon with a camera IN THE CAMERA BAG. Not conducive to good photography. Taking the camera out of the bag increases its effectiveness by at least 75%. It was weird, I literally inner-monologued myself out of every photo opportunity. (okay, frustration vented)

  While I don’t have a new shoot to bring to the table, thankfully, I did capture this image during my Day in the Life of shoot. This little boy’s name is Ethan and he joined his dad at the barbershop that day. It was really surprising, this little guy was so quiet during the hour or so he was in the barbershop, I almost forgot he was there.


  I cropped the image down from its original size to focus in on little Ethan’s grin. As well, I didn’t realize how much the hanging toy would be in his face. I remember thinking while taking this photo, “With this photo I can show that Studio One A is a family place too.” However, I am really glad he was such a happy baby on that day, because I might otherwise be stuck for an emotion photo.


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