My parents are coming into town this weekend and they decided they are going to bring my dog with them on the seven hour drive.  That made me happy and after they told me I thought it would be a good idea to go to the dog park next to my apartment building and see if there were any people out with their pups.   There was one dog out there that reminded me of my dog that I had growing up he was a going crazy and running all over the place.  I asked his owner Jake if I could take some pictures of them playing and he laughed and said if you can him to stand still.  So after Berto got done running around with the other dogs Jake got a hold of him and I got some pictures of them doing some tricks but none of them were that good.  The last then Jake did with Berto was make him sit next to the statue and he told him to stay and then Jake acted like he was leaving and kept saying stay as he walked off.  Berto kept inching forward and almost mumbling under his breath at Jake and the last picture I took of him was pretty funny.  I got Berto in the middle of him giving him a quiet bark as if he was fine with him leaving.  Berto is a great dog and I thought this picture was really funny.  I hope you like it.



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