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the anticipation of candy makes everything better

I took this picture when I was shooting for the person at work assignment. Henry Wagner was his name and he would not let you forget it. He is about 5 and all his mom wanted to do was quickly get her 4 boys through their final suit fittings for Easter. He would not sit still. Finally she said that if you are bad the Easter Bunny will not come. Being the ever present baby sitter I decided to help the mom out and talk to her son. I asked him about Easter and what kind of candy he likes, just things to get him to stand still. His face lit up when I asked him about candy and everything he said made me laugh. His best line was, “Every year my mommy eats my chocolate bunny, but I don’t care because I like jelly beans and the yellow Peeps better”. He was just so funny. I know the shot is not as close as it could be, but the way the light hit his face was really great. He was so happy and you can see that in his expression. The reason he is hanging on the door was because he was trying to bribe his mom with good behavior to get her to bring them to the toy store next door. I took some pictures this weekend while I was out and about, but something kept bringing me back to this little boy. I dont know why really but I had fun with this.


Apple- New King of Technology!

An Apple a day, keeps the mind at play and Microsoft away. Apple product line only gets bigger as years go by. (AP Photo, Niharika Goparaju)

This project really juiced out my creativity and even though I wasn’t entirely happy with the technical aspect of it, I really loved the whole process of it from the drawing board all the way to taking the picture.

On Thursday, I was sitting around just texting my friends and messing around on my laptop trying to brainstorm of what to shoot for this assignment. Then, it just hit me. At that moment I was surrounded by apple products from my iPod, to my iPhone to my Macbook Pro. I knew that I had to do something that screamed APPLE. The company is so innovative and is one of the most successful companies known today. I didn’t know how to symbolize power, ingenuity and originality – three qualities that the company displays. I knew that I didn’t want to just simply take pictures of my Apple products, because then the assignment would not be an illustration. I just kept thinking of what Professor Lunsford had said in class, “If you can be organic then do it! Otherwise explore away on Photoshop!” I really wanted to create a concept by hand and not just layer elements on Photoshop! That’s why I thought it would be cool to take an edible apple and carve out the Apple symbol on there with a peeler and then somehow illuminate it in the picture.

I decided to carve a hole in the back of the fruit and maybe place an iPhone behind it with the light on so that the Apple symbol that was carved in the fruit would shine.Then, I also added the headphones on the apple to make it similar to an iPod or an Apple product. I then turned off the lights, and put the whole project down on a white piece of paper and tried to take the picture on Manual Settings without flash.

Taking the picture was the hardest part. As can be seen in the picture above, there is a reflection of the white paper and it creates a very bad aesthetic overall. The flashlight coming from the iPhone is also not concentrated just into the apple but extends outward and makes the center of the picture too yellow. The headphones can’t be seen clearly and the lighting is horrible. Clearly, this is not one of my stronger pictures in terms of technical aspects. I wish I had better lighting apparatus to deal with and maybe also a flashlight that I could have used instead of the iPhone. I should have also put the apple on a better surface to avoid the reflection of the paper.

That’s okay! Sometimes, mistakes in photography only yield in greater insight for future assignments and shots. In the process of this class, I’ve really learned a lot from the process of each assignment, even if my final product isn’t on par!


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