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Street Photography

Hello, everyone !

I hope you are enjoying the class, and getting ready for the final project!

I came across this and absolutely loved it. I am sure you talked about street photography in class, and I am sure Erik mentioned the Leica M9 and how street photographers prefer it for its quite shutter sound. The video is basically taken on a video camera attached to a Leica, and the photographer was walking around in NYC on a rainy day. So many UMBRELLAs ..

Here is the Video

I hope you like it.

Please please please don’t underestimate the preparation part of the photostory. It’s never too early to start, and the sooner you talk to people, the better off you are. Last semester, I was planning to take several opportunities pretty early (That’s what I thought, at least), but I was still not able to arrange something with the people in charge. If you’re thinking about doing something with a facility, or a certain profession with a “serious” nature, be open to going through long processes, and lots of paperwork.

Good Luck! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with anything.


Steroids in Baseball

A scuffed and torn up baseball circled by syringes intending to show the negative effect of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs on the game of baseball. (Marco Mejia/SLU Photo)

I originally thought this would be a tougher assignment but, after some serious thought and a necessary explanation to our athletic trainer, I was able to get some old syringes in order to finish my frame.  This picture intends to show the negative effect of steroids and other PED’s on the game of baseball.  I feel like I was able to convey that message successfully.  I tried many different techniques in order to make this frame, including slowing the shutter speed to 10 seconds and fanning the subject with a faint light as Erik did with his pictures illustration.  In the end, I kept it simple and that was the best decision.


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