features are best when you stay true to your roots

I came to the realization that there is not a lot of activity going on right now besides Lent. I decided to stick with an area of St Louis that I know very well. My mom grew up on the Hill and though I myself did not, I have a lot of memories of the area. I walked around for about 2 hours and there were not a lot of people. I tried to get into the church, but apparently they lock the doors now. I went to John Viviano and Sons grocery store and started taking pictures. It was clear that even though they agreed to let me shoot, I was not very welcomed company. I looked up and saw this lovely picture of Budweiser that is of course accompanied by a very nice cheese spread. Like it or not, this image describes the Hill. They love their gourmet, authentic Italian cuisine, but in the spring and summer all you see are old men outside on their porches drinking Budweiser and eating. They can also be found doing the same thing while playing Bocci Ball.


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