The boys are back in town

So this assignment was by far the most difficult for me. A couple of reasons, the first being the time I had to do this with the traveling between Florida and the fact that we are in Arizona a couple days later. Secondly, was the fact that posing for a picture is boring and just ugly in my point of view but needless to say it has to be done in photo journalism. Anyway, let me explain my inspiration behind my photos. I was reading ESPN the mag and it was about Albert Pujols (sorry he left, let it go) and they did a photo shoot with him in his new Angels gear. I think the most successful portrait pictures are the ones that the athletes take (sorry I am biased) but anyway I thought it would be cool to do a little photo shoot on the field after practice with our two new top players. I consider them sort of the bash brothers since they live together, are big guys and hit behind one another in the lineup. It would have been awesome if I had a studio to do this in but you make do with what you have in life. On this day, I had clouds with some sun and a crappy baseball field. The one thing I had trouble with was that anytime I tried getting real close, it wouldn’t let me take the picture so I had to do the best I could with what I had. To be honest Erik, I was not a fan of this assignment but I tried my best.


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