I appreciated the leniency of the assignment, but because of its broadness, it was difficult to find inspiration. I checked out the camera on Monday, hoping to get a jump on the assignment, but had to wait until Wednesday before I stumbled upon a “weather” moment.


I was rolling into my apartment complex, when I spotted this triad chilling outside enjoying this moment of brief sunshine. When I asked them if I could snap a few photos of them, the cheerfully agreed.

I’m a big fan of the shadows in this photograph and I think they play a large part in creating the frame. The sun creates a little spotlight effect on the gentleman on the right. If I could go back in time, I would have turned down the iso a little to help highlight him a little more and tone down the pair in the shadows. The one thing I do not like about his position is that he is looking out of the frame.

Overall, I think this assignment forced me to change my perspective on weather. Before, I looked at it merely as an unchangeable byproduct of mother nature. Now, I have a begun to take notice of the ways random people around me cope with it in their own peculiar ways.


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