POV assignment

I took my photos for this assignment at a chapter meeting for my sorority. The lighting was kind of weird, because it was in the lecture halls behind the BSC, but I ended up with some pictures I really like. I kind of forgot what it felt like to feel like a total creep photostalking everyone- although it makes it a lot easier when you can say “it’s for class!” I had trouble deciding which 5 to use, because the assignment was so broad.. I’m better with ‘stories’ but tried to balance it between zoomed in/subject matter/etc, Idk. I’m happy with them, in general.

The photo I’m going to critique is one that I like for its color, but have some problems with:

I like how the blue really pops in this photograph, and becomes the focus. I underexposed a bit to get it like that, like we were told in class, so it made the desks seem more yellow than they are (is that why? ha).. and I would have preferred them to appear more white.. but I think the blue is more important than the white. I wrestled with whether or not to crop the left side of the photo just a bit, to take her a little more out of the center, but at least for now I would prefer to leave my photos as they are. Makes it harder to justify just ‘snapping’ them in the future. I do think a different angle would have produced a better photograph, possibly a little more from her front, so the chairs weren’t just straight with the side of the frame. If it had more of a sideways angle.. I would like it more. I do prefer her face to not be showing in this case, so that is a positive. Anyway, I decided to use it because it is different than the other photos that I made, so I guess to avoid turning in a one-note assignment. And I’m happy with it overall, just with I would have gotten more of a dramatic angle!



2 Responses to “POV assignment”

  1. 1 sluphojo February 9, 2012 at 2:47 am

    I’m sure this is a lovely photo — but the blue boxed question mark leaves us wondering, where is it?? Let’s see if we can get some tech support on that one.

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