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Another Look at Photo Stories…

Image and the rest of the photo story found here.

For this blog post, I wanted to take a further look at photo stories. While searching through the internet for a story that caught my eye, I found this lovely set of photos. They are from a tattoo convention held this year in Milan. What caught my eye was the opening photo of a man holding a sign for the event. It set the scene and made me wonder more about what went on at conventions like these. Looking further through the photos made me wonder what the stories were behind some of the tattoos some people were getting or that some already had. Sometimes, the photos become a little monotonous. Most of them are just of people on the table, getting a tattoo with the tattooer’s supplies littered around a nearby table. Instead of focusing on the convention and everything that was going on, the story seemed to only be focusing on different people getting more tattoos added to their collections. One photo in particular that caught my eye, however, is pictured above. The woman completing some paperwork, which seemed out of place at a tattoo convention, at least to me. It doesn’t even seem that she’s designing a new tattoo. This photo had my attention because of how her own posture reflects that of the portrait behind her on the wall. Their hands are in the same position and it seems that they are both wrapped up in a creative flow. I chose to highlight that photo from the story because of the emotion it displays and the fact that it seems out of place or something you wouldn’t expect to see at a tattoo convention. This photo broke through the monotony that the others had created and got me interested in the story again.


The Epic Battles of the Newsroom

This is a picture of freshman, Turk Thomas, a student who, in an effort to raise money for Relay for Life, allowed people to write the names of cancer patients on his head for a dollar. If you flip to pg 3 of the University News this week, you will see the same picture. I had to laugh Wednesday night because of the discussion that went into this photo: it was nearly identical to the conversation we had last class regarding artistic photos versus newsie photos.
Procuring photos on production night at the Unews goes something like this: I yell across the newsroom to Noah that I need a photo, he yells back that if I want a photo, I need to come to his desk and pick one out. I ask why he can’t pick one and he tells me that I never like the photos he picks. Which is true. I tend to favor newsie, basic photos for my section. They’re clean, they’re simple, and they make sense. I often feel if Noah had his way, he’d run a photo of a frog on our front page because there is some twisted, convoluted metaphor to go with it that vaguely relates to the news article. He favors the artistic side of things and he is god-awfully stubborn about it. I’ve had full on shouting matches with him over photos and have pointed out on numerous occasions that his life would be infinitely easier if he just gave me the photos I wanted. I attribute this to the natural tension that exists between reporters and photogs (don’t ask me why, but I swear it exists).
This photo was very much a fight as well. I wanted a photo of cancer survivors marching. I even tried to appease Noah a little by picking a photo with some balloons in it so he wouldn’t complain about how dull it was. No dice. Noah was sold on this bald graffiti photo from the beginning.
The battle was brutal. I argued the photo didn’t tell the story on it’s own, as photo box photos should, and that no one would get it because nothing about it screamed Relay for Life at first glance. Noah said it’s not something you see everyday, and that alone makes it the ideal candidate for a photo box because photo boxes shouldn’t be boring. It got so vicious at one point, that Noah actually threatened to send an email to Professor Lunsford to get him to weigh in on the predicament. I would have laughed that off and stuck to my guns, but when Noah starts dishing out threats to get his way with photos, I don’t doubt him. The kid is serious about this stuff. Besides, even though I’m in his class, I knew Eric would side with Noah here and I would probably get called out in class for keeping a good photographer down or something (reporters are evil).
So I made a deal with him. If he could find contact information for Thomas, call him, and conduct a short interview to fill the caption on this photo, we would use the picture. I know Noah dislikes doing a reporter’s leg work, but I wasn’t feeling like playing fair and I had enough to do already. Satisfied that I had won, I left the newsroom to cover an SGA meeting.
An hour later, I head back to the office, having quite forgotten about the photo box debacle. To my surprise, however, I have an email in my inbox from Noah containing not only a back story for the head graffiti, but also a fairly moving, informative quote to go with it. Begrudgingly, I place the photo on page 3 and zoom out. Another surprise: the photo looks awesome. It’s actually perfect.Ugh.
After doing the customary “You were right, I was wrong. There’s a reason you’re the photo editor and I’m not. Yes, you actually know what you’re doing” routine with Noah, I took a minute to reflect on why this photo worked. Sure, it didn’t tell the whole story at first glace, but it narrowed the scope to one, actually spectacular action by an individual. Sure, it was unusual and artistic, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Thomas’s story actually had news value. It was something new and exciting, yet it told a story on its own, just not the story I had my heart set on.
Moral of the story: I should probably be nicer to photographers. Oh, and being open minded about photos goes a long way.

Bill Frakes

Bill Frakes is an amazing photographer.  Frakes is best known for his Sports Illustrated.  I understand why many people like his work; the way he takes photos is like no other.  For one of my blog post, critiqued one of his sports’ photo. So, for this post I decided to find a photo of Frakes that is less sports like.  This photo with two people riding the bike is interesting.  This is something you don’t see every day.  The framing of this photo is perfect.  These two people brought along many items as if they are moving somewhere. I wonder what their task is and where they are going.  I’m amazed at how the women is pedaling with heals and a skirt.  I like that Frakes decided to make this photo black and white because it puts the focus on the two people on the bike and the items they rode along with them.


This is both an invitation and a blog post!  Here is a poster that I designed for my all-female a cappella group, also my inspiration/the focus of my photo-story.  I really have this class to thank for my improvement in photography.  I took all of the girls’ pictures for the poster…which I don’t think I could have done as successfully if I had not taken this class.  I hope that I can incorporate my photography skills into whatever life has in store for me in the future.  I really enjoy it!  Maybe one day I will be able to afford a nice camera that is better than the stubborn Nikon’s we use in class.  Anywho: come to our concert next Friday!  Look for the posters around campus!

My Favorite Photographer

For this blog I thought it would be a good idea to write about one of my favorite photographers, Alex Webb. I love all his work. When searching on the web for some of Alex’s work I came across the picture above. I really liked this picture because of all the various layering of people with the waterfall in the background. I also liked this picture because it reminded me of summer. I can’t wait till it is warm enough out to go swimming, that is one of my favorite things to do during summer. It amazes me how Alex was patient enough or lucky enough to get all the people pictured the way they are. All of his pictures inspire me to be a better photographer.

A Spontaneous Moment in a Wild Life

Almost every photographer would be honored to work National Geographic for many reasons.  National Geographic do great work whenever it comes to wild life, and landscape.  This is one of many pictures that I like for them.  I chose this picture because it has great mood in it.  The color helps the picture to give it this nice relax seen, which it helps the mood.  Also, the fact that the cub was putting his arm behind the lioness made the picture more amazing.  This is the main reason that made me fall in love the picture.

The Reality of Politics

In recent weeks, Donald Trump, successful businessman and host of the reality show Celebrity Apprentice, announced that there was a strong possibility that he would be running for President next year against Obama. He states various reasons for his disdain for Obama’s policies and position like: he doesn’t agree with the President’s economic solutions, he doesn’t like Obama’s involvement of the US in the issues in Libya, and finally, he still isn’t convinced that Obama was born as an American citizen! Below is the possible campaign poster for the reality show star.

I chose this picture because I’ve always been a fan of Trump’s show where he always says the phrase “you’re fired” to failed participants. Therefore, given previous knowledge of the phrase, I thought that this poster was a funny choice for propaganda. I can only hope that if Trump actually decides to run, that his campaign be just as entertaining as his initial campaign poster.