The organicness of work

There is something so organic about a person at work, at least the type I have in mind.

Stuart Franklin

Photo by: Stuart Franklin, a market in Johar Bharu, Malaysia, 1997.

That’s why whenever I go to Iran, I must absolutely visit a bazaar, a market. And I must absolutely have a camera to take pictures of vendors, taking a catnap on the carpets they are selling, demonstrating their products, yelling out to passersby, smiling counting the money, bargaining with buyers almost every single time. Ideally, I would go to a Middle Eastern market for my Person at Work assignment. But that’s not feasible for many reasons.

But I will share with you a favorite picture I did take over the summer when I was in Iran.

This was taken in a bazaar in Shiraz. I got to sit opposite this little boy for a while and observe him and his brother selling fleece blankets on the side of the market. I'm fond of it for that reason only, thinking about the children that work during the summer, and even the rest of the year, instead of going to school, to help make a living for their families.

Interaction with the person at work, I feel, is really key to this assignment. That, and observing them doing the work for a period of time, until you get to feel their rhythm of work, their pain, perhaps, their joy of working. I’m excited about this one!




2 Responses to “The organicness of work”

  1. 1 sluphojo April 5, 2011 at 3:20 am

    Parisa, would love to see more pictures from your trip. Nice little post.

    • 2 adozenmoons April 8, 2011 at 3:22 am

      Thank you! Please check out my travel blog:
      I have descriptions and pictures of my trip and it has been gathering dust for the most part. It would give me great pleasure if you drop by and make a visit! haha 😀 I’m still in the process of updating with the rest of my trip, but I’ll get there one day… 😛

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