Work, work, work

This is a picture that I shot while working on portraits for one of our past assignments.  I had in mind at the time that some of her (Rachel’s) shots would work better for our next assignment, so I might turn a couple in for this assignment (not sure if they surpass our acceptable time limit or not).  I really like how these shots turned out, the art studio is a perfect place to take pictures.  There are already so many unique objects in the room that serve to compliment a composition.  For this shot I stood on one of the work stations (very convenient) in order to get a nice birds eye view of Rachel doing some nice shading on her charcoal-based gourd.  I also really like the worn look of the floor and the rich wood color.  I also like Rachel’s neutral clothing and how it almost blends in with what she is creating, maybe suggesting how connected she is with her art.  It is also neat how all of the work stations are enveloping her and almost radiating from her work bench.  I really enjoy watching people create things, be it art or some other craft or hobby.  Hopefully I can think of some over neat people to photograph for this “person at work” assignment.


1 Response to “Work, work, work”

  1. 1 sluphojo April 5, 2011 at 3:24 am

    Emily, LOVE. THIS. PHOTO. Curious to see more from that raw take.

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