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Work, work, work

This is a picture that I shot while working on portraits for one of our past assignments.  I had in mind at the time that some of her (Rachel’s) shots would work better for our next assignment, so I might turn a couple in for this assignment (not sure if they surpass our acceptable time limit or not).  I really like how these shots turned out, the art studio is a perfect place to take pictures.  There are already so many unique objects in the room that serve to compliment a composition.  For this shot I stood on one of the work stations (very convenient) in order to get a nice birds eye view of Rachel doing some nice shading on her charcoal-based gourd.  I also really like the worn look of the floor and the rich wood color.  I also like Rachel’s neutral clothing and how it almost blends in with what she is creating, maybe suggesting how connected she is with her art.  It is also neat how all of the work stations are enveloping her and almost radiating from her work bench.  I really enjoy watching people create things, be it art or some other craft or hobby.  Hopefully I can think of some over neat people to photograph for this “person at work” assignment.


Amazing Work by Robert Seale

This picture was taken by Robert Seale. Since I really enjoyed the sports assignment, I thought I would blog about another famous sports photographer. Pictured is quarterback Chris Simms. I love everything about this photo. Seale could have not gotten better light. That sunset is gorgeous. Even though it looks like Simms was posed like that, I still enjoy this photo. My favorite part about this picture is in the background, you can make out the shadow of a longhorn. I think that is just the coolest. I like how the shadow of the longhorn is there to symbolize school pride of the Texas Longhorns. I love football and anything that has to do with it. Robert Seale has done a lot of great work. Check out this website of some of his amazing pictures, you won’t be disappointed.


the human experience = beautiful but hard

I was looking on my favorite website deviantart again under the photojournalism section and came across this photograph by Ciseren. I love how it shows these surgeons at work helping birth a baby. I bet these surgeons have done this procedure hundreds of times but the nurse/surgeon on the left expression is priceless. I get the idea he is looking at this baby in amazement. This is such a great human experience to be able to share.

I decided to post a second image for this weeks post because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more. I like the first because its such a happy joyous human experience (and clean). I like this second image because of how hard this man seems to be working and how gritty and dirty it feels. I also love all the different textures that is involved in the image.

I am looking forward to this assignment of people at work and am excited to see what others do for the job.

Photo Stories

Just one piece of the photo story, from MSNBC Website / Photo by Pablo Sanchez

Discussing photo stories in class this morning really got me thinking. What inspires other photographers? What stories do they make using their photos? In order to look for more photo story examples and (hopefully) do some digging about what kinds of things other photographers have told stories about, I came across a recent photo story hosted by MSNBC.  This photo was featured in a photo story shot by not just one photographer, but by many. The angle? Earth Hour, an international block of time designated to shutting off the light and saving power.

This particular photo was taken in Singapore, though different MSNBC photographers from cities all over the world sent in their photos to this story. These photos showed everything from famous buildings with their lights out (including Big Ben, the Giza pyramids, the Sydney Opera House, and more), whole cities with their windows darkened (including Shang-Hai, New York, Los Angeles, and more), and close-ups of how every-day people in their communities were celebrating the power save. Having participated in the event myself, I thought it was really interesting to see what people in other cities, states, and countries were doing at the same time as me. I also thought it was a really cool, cooperative effort in making a photo story for a world-wide event that couldn’t have possibly been photographed by one person.