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Just Another Hard Day @ Work

See that itty bitty dot on top of the historic Gateway Arch? That seemingly meaningless speck in the photo is none other than Gateway Arch lead maintenance man, Chuck Kalert. No, this isn’t a suicide attempt taken to the extreme. Chuck is responsible for changing the light at the top of our beloved monument that signals aircraft of its presence. Secured with a harness and lanyard (according to Fox 2 News), Kalert braves strong wind gusts and dizzying heights of 630 feet!

I chose this picture because I’ve always wondered who is the crazy person who goes up there and changes the bulb and this picture shows just that. I would love to find out if Chuck is an adrenaline junkie or if he just does what he is paid to do. Also, I would love to ask if he gets paid more to risk his life just to become somewhat of an unknown St. Louis celebrity.

But I can’t help but wonder two things. First, what does it feel like to look down from the tallest monument in the country? Secondly, if he uses a regular bulb or one of those long-lasting eco-friendly bulbs?










This image is just one sports photography I really like. I chose to find a photograph of one of my favorite soccer players, Tim Howard. He is the goalie for the USA national team as well as for the club team Everton. I like the similar colors in this photograph from his jersey, socks, and the color of the grass. What I’m most curious about is where the photographer possibly positioned himself/herself in order to take that picture. He’s one of the best goalies in the league, and one of the most interesting too. He is a major staple on the USA team. A diving save is always a sports picture in my opinion.

General News







This post may seem entirely generic because its a photo from a presidential speech. I chose this picture because of the speech that was given recently on the subject of Libya and its recent revolution and US involvement. Of all the photos available, this one in particular catches my interest. I like the symmetry of the flags, the yellow middle cords, and the two different microphones present. I like the use of symmetry in all photographs and find it interesting and I’d like to integrate it into my own photography. The other thing that sticks out is that I don’t remember many presidents wearing blue ties, maybe I’m not great at remembering, but it sticks out to me.