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For this wall post I was trying to think back to SportsCenter’s top plays of last year and was trying to find one of my favorite pictures.  This is the picture I loved the most.  Not only because of its aesthetics but also because of the purpose of the photo.  Mark Beuhrle plays for the Chicago White Sox and on opening of of 2010, he made the play that everyone would remember.  A between the legs pass to the first baseman to get the first out of the game.  It was named the years overall top play for last year and this photo really catches the angle of this tremendous play.  Sports photos are my favorite “genre” of photo.  They capture so much in one shot.  There can be so much emotion of the player or team that is being photographed.  This is of course one of my favorites all because of the story behind it.


“Bill Cunningham: The Original Street-Shooting Man”

Bill Cunningham is the old fashion New York Times photographer.  I found this picture while I was looking at the fashion magazine GQ.  This picture is the only picture that I have found that describes who Bill Cunningham the most.  He is type of person who would take his bicycle and ride around the city with a small camera to take fashion pictures.  Also, the fact that he is 82 year old makes it even more impressive because no one would think one day that he would see a person in this age riding his bicycle to take fashion pictures.  The picture explains what he looks for because you can see the girl with the red dress passing by and you see him getting his camera read to take a picture of her.  He is also still sitting on his bike which shows that he look for these unique moments.

Global Professionals

Ever since the 19th Century, new ways of technologies have increased population participation in photography. New advances are products of what that particular time period demands. Today, millions of people take on the roll as photographer, easily taking snapshots with simple devices such as digital cameras and cell phones and uploading to media outlets such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. The process of photography is not as exclusive as it once was or even as time consuming. However, today there still is a distinction between ameteur and professional photographers.

Proof of this exist over time, from photographers hired for family portraits in 1850s for a certain class of people to government initiatives to prove or denounce an ideology of a certain class of people as seen in the Depressionary era with photos taken by professional photographers Adams or Palmers.

I use this photo taken from the hot topic country of Libya, proving the modern separation between amateur and professional photographer. By looking at these crisp every day photos and who brings the media and story to a reader, professionals shoot these type of photos. People pay money to fly any average Adams photographer but professionals out to countries to capture global news. I feel as though this is one instance of professional v. amateur photography.

Go Frog Go!

When I googled Bill Frakes I came across a lot of wonderful pictures. This picture by Bill, made me laugh and I thought it would be great to share. I think this picture falls in sports as well as general news categories. This picture represents The Frog Jumping Festival of Valley City of Ohio. This festival happens every year and has series of games, one of which being the jumping frog contest. It is a fun way for families and friends to have an enjoyable afternoon together. What I like most about this photo is the expression on the woman’s face, cheering on her frog, as well as the angle in which it was taken. It looks like Bill got right up into the action which resulted in great pictures. I encourage you to look at the link below and check out the other pictures from this event.

I don’t understand sports.

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about sports. For the simple reason that i don’t understand them or really care. Anyway, searching through many websites that I don’t really understand, I found this picture of the few times in history that a player has been able to score a ‘perfect game’. Now, i’m still not really quite sure what this means, but I love the emotions so well captured in the photo as well as the blurred background. I’m a fan of those.

False Advertising?

For this blog post, I decided to do something on Sports Illustrated. I know that it’s a popular magazine for many people and it talked about sports but I never knew anything else beyond that. I was googling covers from the magazine’s past and found this photo:

Given that Beyonce is not an athlete, I was highly shocked (and confused) that she was on the cover. I understand her connection to the music theme of the issue, but I don’t understand why SPORTS Illustrated is doing a music issue in the first place. I believe that if people wanted to know more about Beyonce, music, and her favorite swimsuit choices, they can read other magazines that focus on that theme specifically (ex. Cosmopolitan). I believe that Sports Illustrated sold out and did her cover for money and wasn’t true to their theme as stated in their magazine’s title. Where’s the sports???